New Year, New Rules.

Well, another year has started. With it comes closed chapters, some chapters still open, some chapters yet to open, and some still unwritten.

It’s a time of reflection, change, and action. And I’m not talking about the classic “new years resolutions” either. While many make these passé type resolves — most lack the follow-through. For me, it’s much more fundamental than that.

As we enter a new year I reflect on the past year. The ups. The downs. The successes. The failures. The things I’d never ever change. And that which I would if I could.

2010 has brought about a lot of good. But rather than focus on that — which needs no improvement — I’d like to focus on the disappointments in my life and make specific, measurable changes to improve them and limit the disappointment in the coming year.

Most notably, 2010 has been a year of disappointing friendships. Never before in my life have I needed a support network of friends and never before in my life have I been so disappointed with my inner circle. I understand that everyone is busy and such — probably nobody moreso than me. But it’s an excuse. People make time for things that are important or that they want to do.

For 2011 I will be doing less and less for those who do little to nothing in return. Two-way streets are important and I am committed to being a good person to good people in my life. I will not, however, continue to put forth effort into relationships for which there is little to no reciprocity. ’nuff said about that.

I will also make it a drama-free year. I know that a lot of people feed off this. I promise you — if you’re hungry for drama — go find another restaurant. This one is closed.

This year is also a year that I’m going to do a better job of planning for the future financially. Let’s face it – I spend money. The economy sucks. Sure I’m confident in my abilities to persevere and succeed in this world but I should do a better job of preparing for emergencies. 2010 has taught me something…. Expect the unexpected. One thing you can plan on is life not going according to the best laid plan you designed for yourself. So 2011’s financial motto is “enjoy and use what we have. think about what we are spending money on. and make good, solid decisions on what the best use of our money is. and overall — reduce waste.”

Happy 2011! Let’s make this a fantastic year. Little changes will go a long way.

Live. Laugh. Love.