I was able to receive this for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have no affiliation with this company and my experiences with this product are my own and my words as well!! I purchased this for my fiancee and she’s the one who used it and provided the feedback for this review.

The top fit well, and looks pretty great! In fact, it flatters a woman’s assets very nicely. Although it does look good, the top padding is actually pretty hard and not that flexible. But, it does make for a very flattering fit on the “girls”. Looks pretty and is a very fun bohemian design.

The bottom boy shorts, however, are very small.  She is a size 4 and the mediums are still small on her.  They actually run very small and the elastic band doesn’t give at all.  So they’re not that flattering unless you go up at least a full size.  If they could just make it a little less rigid, the bikini bottom boy shorts would be perfect!!!!

If they could get their sizing correct, they would have an incredible product.  You just have to really watch the sizing and make sure you at least go up a full size for this halter bathing suit set to fit you correctly.

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