Let me start out by saying that this was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company and my experiences and words are all my own.

Now, let’s get to the camera.  It looked very promising, but that was until I plugged it in.  I hate to say it but the camera is about as buggy and error-ridden as a camera could possibly be.  I have many IP cameras and have an entire home automation system that I programmed myself.  I know ONVIF and H.264 very well, and if you don’t know what those are – then trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

In lay person terms; you connect the camera to your router, it gets it’s IP address, you download the camera app (i did for iphone) and it should auto-discover. And it does.  Or you can use the quick code on the bottom of the camera to set it up.  I used the auto-discover on my LAN and that did seem to work.  But then when you go to set it up, it asks you to create a user account which I did but the minute I click okay, it errors out and crashes.  So then I have to force quit the app and launch it again.  (for the record, NONE of my other 4 IP cameras had this happen).  If you don’t force quit the program, you cannot relaunch it.  I’m running the latest IOS 9 on an iPhone 6S.  I try and set it up again, and have to wait for a good long time.  (well over a couple minutes).  One thing I found out that it doesn’t like punctuation in the password.  I don’t know why.  But it doesn’t.

And when the app finally gets the camera set up and running, it started circling around in pan mode.  Why?  I haven’t a clue.  I certainly didn’t tell the app to and my hands were nowhere near the screen.  And the zoom, meaning it’s not a zoom of the camera – it’s just making the grainy picture bigger.

I had such high hopes in reading the reviews of this camera, but the setup and entire process of getting it up and running was AWFUL.

So I had to do a factory reset.  And that seemed to get me back and started this process all over.  Same result.  I was finally through trial and error able to get the IP camera up and running (I’m an IT professional with a background in networking so this should NOT be rocket science) and you’d think that’s where this story ends.


In an area that has really great wifi coverage, I setup the camera for a test.  The camera just did not perform well.  The camera wouldn’t default to going to the middle and was unresponsive at best.  When I finally was able to get the camera in the right position, the camera image was upside down!  The comedy of errors this camera has is unimaginable.

I got a lot of twirling “waiting” circle and SLOW SLOW SLOW response from this camera.  I was able to get the upside image corrected by hitting the UPSIDE DOWN button, but why should I have to tell it to invert the image – shouldn’t that be the default?  And it took about 30-40 seconds for it to respond to that invert command — WHY??? WHY did it take SO SO SO long!?!?!?!?

Any movement side to side takes forever… sometimes I wait for a minute to have it respond — it’s just so laggy and full of bugs.

I don’t understand it.  WiFi connection is GREAT where this camera is.  There’s no reason why this camera should be acting this way.

Bottom line, if I’m having this much trouble with it… so will you.

I really wanted to love this camera because I really need one of these in my life…. but it just was so slow and buggy that I can’t recommend it.  Sorry Snug.

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