Softest Bamboo Bath Sheets / Towels

I will start by saying I’ve never felt a towel so soft in my life! And I’ve never heard of a ” Bath Sheet ” either to tell you the truth.  When I was selected to receive one of these…


Win a NewAir Hot & Cold Water Dispenser / Cooler

I was sent one of these NewAir Water Dispensers for free in exchange for my honest and 100% unbiased review and I’ve spoke the praises of them countless times.  It’s one of the best inventions ever!!! This gadget has single…


Wall Mounted Mop And Broom Holder Organizer

Great invention from DOKO-IN. I’ve been looking for a hanging mop / broom holder for a while now. I was sent one of these for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and 100% unbiased review. Let’s get…


Bitches With Attitude Adult Swear Coloring Book

What a fantastic idea. An coloring book for adults, full of attitude and swear words! My girlfriend wanted something to distress, reduce anxiety, enjoy something mindless… what better way than to color between the lines. (or outside the lines if…


Jecobi Set of 2 Double Walled Coffee Mugs

These are my new favorite glasses… I will say that up front.  I had been asking my girlfriend for a set of handle-less coffee mugs for Christmas and she talked me out of it… (it’s called COMPROMISE!) and I ended…

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