A great sounding speaker at a very good price!

This speaker packs a punch. I need to say that right from the start. Normally “portable” speakers lack that “OOMPH” because they put small magnets in them. The first thing you feel when you pick up the #zenbre D4 waterproof…


Great 100% Pure LARGE Eucalyptus Oil! Only $13.99!!

  When you’re selected to receive a deeply discounted bottle of Eucalyptus Oil in exchange for your honest and unbiased review … and then come down with a nasty cold, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I won’t get into…

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The Best Selfie Stick Ever!!!

I have two other selfie sticks that I’ve purchased for $20+ while on vacation. I was chosen to receive one of these for free or at a substantial discount in exchange for my unbiased honest review. Girlfriend: “You already have…

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