Take The Mystery Vacation Quiz!

Mystery Vacation Quiz This is very exciting for her… she has no idea where she’s going…. how to pack… how many destinations… where in the world she’ll be….. absolutely no details are being provided whatsoever. Neither do you! Take the…


Human pH Test Kit Review

Ok, maybe it’s me – but I really don’t know how to read this accurately. My mind is wired for a pool or hottub pH testing scenario. One line to compare pH levels…. This has two. So I’m really confused…


#DoDeoBetter with Dove Mens Dry Spray!

The one thing I really HATE about deodorant is the white mess on my shirts.. i wear a lot of black and it’s frustrating as heck!!!! I signed up to receive this product complimentary for testing purposes and I’ll admit…


A great sounding speaker at a very good price!

This speaker packs a punch. I need to say that right from the start. Normally “portable” speakers lack that “OOMPH” because they put small magnets in them. The first thing you feel when you pick up the #zenbre D4 waterproof…

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