Braided Lightning USB Cable Leather Bracelet Charging Sync Cord

THIS is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!!!

It’s a bracelet… AND an iPhone CHARGE/SYNC CABLE ALL IN ONE!!! It’s ridiculously cool. Literally, just take the ends apart and you have a fully functional charging and sync cable! Snap it back and you’re wearing a black stylish bracelet. It comes in versions for Micro USB (Android) and even the new USB-C for the newest Samsung devices. You’ll NEVER be without a cable again, I promise you!!!!

It looks like a stylish bracelet, in fact people complimented me on my new bracelet! It’s black, braided, and looks like a cool modern wrist band but much nicer. I was like “THANKS… but it’s also an iPhone Charging Cable” to which people’s minds were blown. Yes, it’s an iphone charge cable! The very next question was “does it work with my Samsung Galaxy”? “are there versions for USB-C or MicroUSB”? Yup! There sure is. Form and function together in a bracelet. It’s a fashion statement for sure. And nothing is worse than not being able to charge your phone. Luckily, I don’t have that problem anymore!

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MicroUSB version at:
USB-C version at:

iPhone X Phone Battery Case Black Apple Lightning Charging Power

Everyone uses their smartphone more and more and expects more and more from their battery. Battery packs are bulky but extremely useful to charge your phone when you need more power. In this particular scenario, more is more. You can never have enough charge!

Apps and location services take it’s toll on your Apple iPhone X and it really makes it difficult to go a whole day without charging. Imagine walking around in a foreign city and your iPhone X battery starts to die. No GPS. No Uber. No pictures! It can ruin your vacation easily! Trust me, I rely on my iPhone when I’m on vacation.. ESPECIALLY with the picture taking ability of the iPhone X.

This is where the Proker iPhone X Battery Case comes in. It has a modest 3200mah slim battery so the case isn’t super bulky – in fact, it feels great in your hand. It is like having a battery pack right with you at all times. A simple on/off button on the back delivers power to the iPhone and an LED indicator shows the battery life left. The phone slides in easily and that’s really all you need to do. I’ve had some cases previously that were notoriously bad to get the phone in and out of but this case is remarkably easy. Not only does it charge but it also protects your iPhone! To charge the battery, just use the same lightning charge cable and plug it into the bottom of the case. It could NOT be easier.

I have been using it a few days now and my phone battery life has been AMAZING. When I get to 90% I press the button!!! The phone charges to 100% and shuts off the battery pack. It is one of the best inventions I’ve ever seen. The only negative was that when I had the screen brightness up and I was streaming music and using the GPS all at the same time, it didn’t charge as quickly… but keep in mind something – as long as your battery isn’t going down, what does it matter? On a 20 minute trip I went from 79% to 85% and that’s with FULL USE of my phone. No cords. No battery packs. Just my phone in its Proker Charging Case. I say this product is AMAZING.

Oh and lastly, it offers full use of the buttons – it doesn’t get

Perfect for vacation travel. Perfect for kids (they’re always NOT charging their phones!) Or forgetful girlfriends! HAHA Just kidding 🙂 Seriously, though… this is a great charging case for iPhone X. HIGHLY recommend.

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Novoo AC Power Bank Review – Portable AC Wall Outlet

Portable battery packs are great when you need USB power on the go… but what about when you need AC 110V power on the go?  A portable AC power outlet? That’s a novel idea!  Novoo is the first portable wall outlet I’ve ever seen!!  In fact, I didn’t even hear of Novoo before now. I see that they’re a very solid company with some very innovative products.  I didn’t see a lot of competition so it was an easy decision to buy this unit. And i’m very impressed with the performance, style, and use of this portable AC power bank.

The size is VERY manageable, it’s not a large form factor at all.  I would hardly consider it bulky or too large.  Let’s face it, batteries take up space.  So it’s actually a little smaller than I had anticipated.  There’s no documentation with this product so I first started by turning it on.  I realized you have to press and hold the power button for a couple seconds to get it to turn on.  Once you know that, there’s not much else you need to know — other than it works great!

It has traditional USB, USB-C and yes, an AC Wall Outlet!  It makes it absolutely perfect to charge all your devices — not just the USB ones.  I tried it out on a recent photo shoot where my digital camera batteries were running low so I plugged in the wall outlet charger.  It charged up the camera batteries efficiently and perfectly.  This AC portable power bank has a ton of uses ranging from power outages, on-the go travel AC power needs, camping, backyard power, and lots of more uses!!  You can bring it with you in your car to power non-USB devices (laptop when off does charge), DVD player, …) and even have it around for an emergency outage – power a lamp or a small fan!  The uses are varied and very convenient!!  It holds the charge for a long while and has enough power reserve to be really useful.

Long story short: This portable AC power bank is a very handy device to have.  It won’t power high resource devices, but it sure comes in handy for travel, car trips, backyard living and more!

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Best smallest high capacity battery pack wireless charger

Bottom line: This product is the swiss army knife of battery packs.  It is a high capacity small form factor battery pack that allows 3 devices to charge at the same time, and it supports wireless charging. Even for an iPhone.  All for a steal of a price.  Let’s get into the details:

I was an early adopter of the Apple iPhone X and was so excited about its wireless charging capabilities. And I am a heavy user of my smartphone so the battery goes down quickly every day. I have many battery packs of various sizes from small and low capacity to large and high capacity and everywhere in between. But none of them are as as small and powerful as this one – and WITH WIRELESS CHARGING!! I can’t even tell you how amazing this is.  It is. Period.

First of all, I have some stand alone wireless chargers that I bought when I had a wireless charging case for my iPhone 7. They don’t work with the iPhone X!!! Why? I haven’t a clue. Even my GM Factory Wireless Charging in my SUV doesn’t even charge my iPhone X…. very disappointing. Before I bought this Qi Wireless Charger Battery Pack I would bring one of my standard packs around with me and with the cables, it’s just annoying — but it’s necessary, right? Well this battery pack is the best! Just lay your Qi device on top of it, and it wirelessly charges!!! It’s truly amazing. There’s an on/off button so when you’re not using it, the power doesn’t slowly dissipate out. It’s very high capacity for it’s size and charges my phone multiple times with ease before needing to be recharged.

It says it supports fast charging QC3.0 but I don’t have any devices that support that so i’m out of luck there. It has USB Type C ports so it supports the new standard that devices are coming out with!!! A device that’s future proofed! YAY! It has a great 4 LED power indicators so you know where your battery is at and a full 2A of output power. (1A for wireless as that’s the max power for that technology) You can charge 3 devices at once and even has a pull out stand for your phone.

And ALL THIS at a price under $26?!?!? CVIDA has outdone themselves with this device. I could NOT recommend this wireless charger battery pack more!!  Perfect for kids and their iPads / tablets (kids love to play games and watch shows on their devices!!) – great for trips and vacations.  Everyone needs one of these!!!

If you’re reading this…. just buy it. You will NOT be sorry.

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Disc-O-Bed Camping Home Bed Bunk Bench Cot

I just built a clubhouse which is a very unique recreational “man cave” if you will, and I needed a portable temporary bed / cot to use out there when someone decided to spend the night. I wanted something durable, easy to assemble, and easy to store.  Space is at a minimum – think of it as a tiny house.  Small houses are the rage right now — personally, I don’t think I could live in a tiny / small house – but that’s what this clubhouse is really.  It’s like a separate man cave!!!  And it needed a unique sleep system that’s as unique as the room itself!!

I did my research and came up with the disc-o-bed (disco bed is a really funny name, I admit!)  I wanted something versatile that could be used in a variety of ways.  Discobed to the rescue!!!

The discobed arrived quickly and I was surprised at how compact it was.  It wasn’t overly heavy, but it did feel like the pieces were high quality and built to be rugged without being too bulky.

Easily and without any tools, the bunk bed was assembled in no time. Everything clicks together, and while it definitely would be easier with two people, it wasn’t a huge deal to do myself.  The wheels are separate from the poles but lock into position.  The poles come apart for easy disassembly and storage.  The top bunk has an extension piece that you can actually not put in making the disc-o-bed two separate beds instead of a bunk bed!  With space being so limited in the clubhouse, the bunk bed will be perfect when there’s two people spending the night!

It converts to a bench too equally as easy.  Just take the top bunk long roller pole and move it down to the first bunk and you now have a portable couch! I will say, though, that pillows are definitely needed for any extended laying back… it’s not something that I would spend much time on without a pillow or two in back of me, but that’s a minor issue.  If I’m sleeping on this portable bed, I’d be having a pillow anyhow!

Don’t mind the cute poop emoji pillow! 🙂 This bunk bed is extremely strong – while you might think it’s for kid / child sleepovers, think again.  Each of the 2 bunks can hold up to 500 pounds.  To test that theory, my good friend Brian decided to give it a try.


And you might think, “that’s great… but he’s not on the top bunk… what about that?”

Again, Brian to the rescue.  He said he felt perfectly fine up on the top bunk.  I decided to go in the bottom bunk… and when 2 full size large adult males were on it, it was perfectly stable.  Rock solid.  Plenty of room on the bottom bunk as well!!!


There’s a carrying bag so all the pieces / parts fit perfectly in there so you can take it with you on the go – if you were going to the beach, or camping for example.  There’s two separate carry bags, so if you’re only bringing one disc-o-bed with you, you don’t need to take all the pieces.  The bag is very well made and easy to carry.


Oh and I forgot to mention, there’s a front pocket that you can put all your items in to keep them safe… empty your pockets so you don’t wind up with your change all over the place!  Even a beverage can be held in there!!!! Yes, a portable bunk bed with a cup holder.  Discobed has thought of everything!!!


And lastly, this is how I store my bed, in the loft of the clubhouse. Sure, I could put the bed frame in the bag, but I keep it out as well as the poles and wheels so it’s even easier to grab down and set up in just a couple of minutes.  For my application, it’s easy to do it this way, but to be truly portable, just put it in the carry case bag.


It even stores in the loft perfectly without disassembling.  I cannot say enough about this truly remarkable portable sleeping system.  It really is a couch, bed, and bunk bed all in one.  Use it for unexpected (or expected) guests, kid sleepovers (or adult sleepovers when someone has had one too many especially!), parties, lounging by the campfire, camping, heck I would even bring it to the beach!  If you’re spending the night at someone’s house, put the disc-o-bed in your car and instead of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress with springs that get you right in your back, sleep on the discobed.  Honestly, it’s way more comfortable than it looks – if i’m being completely honest it has far exceeded my expectations!!! The use and functionality of this product is outstanding.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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And of course, buy this incredible Disc-O-Bed at:

Organize Your USB Cables – Travel & Junk Drawer Organizer

I have literally have 20 cables in a junk drawer in my house. It’s so frustrating and overwhelming! Every time I open the drawer… I want to scream. Cords get tangled together and I can never find the cable I’m looking for. I bought this Jelly Comb Cable & Electronics Organizer in the hopes to de-clutter and get organized. And that’s exactly what this product has done for me!

First, the organizer has lots of compartments.. plenty for every type of cable and even small electronic gadgets like wall chargers, adapters, SD cards (there’s even a pouch for it!) as well as items like e-cigarette batteries even! Everything has a nice spot and makes things very easy to find. No more junk drawer cable mess!!!! Both sections have different sized pouches so you can decide what goes where. It closes up with two zippers and is very compact. It fits into the junk drawer very nicely! And for the price… you cannot beat it. Anxiety no more!! The electronics cable organizer is here to the rescue!!!!! How did I ever live without this!?!?!?