Antibacterial Microfiber Cloths Kill Germs Bacteria

When one of your closest friends is diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, it’s a huge deal.  With her suppressed immune system, she is constantly using hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and other things to kill germs, kill bacteria, kill viruses.  I wanted to do something nice for her, so I bought her these antibacterial microfiber cloths from Zombie Cloths! (you can find them at  If anyone you know has Stage 4 Cancer (or ANY CANCER for that matter) these are a must have!!!

I did my research on them – and while I bought them for her to kill germs (as an alternative to chemical cleaners) – there’s TONS of more uses for them.  You can polish metals even – stainless refrigerators don’t stand a chance!!  I figured her whole family could use them to wipe down door knobs, countertops, walls, anywhere germs and bacteria can hide.  I almost want to use the soft microfiber when I detail my vehicle!!! They’re really super soft and won’t scratch surfaces.

How she is using them is just apply a small dab of water – not wet, just a little damp.  It seems to work like a charm!  I’m not a scientist but the results look pretty conclusive:

I bought mine on Amazon, a 6 pack of 12″ microfiber towels for $24.89  – pretty good price even if I used them for auto detailing!! But I was happy to buy them for my friend in the hopes that it would keep viruses, germs, and bacteria away from her since her body simply cannot handle them anymore.

Wearfit Health Tracker Blood Pressure Smart Watch Fitness

A lot of people are obsessed with fitness and health. Tracking your blood pressure, oxygen level (SPO2), steps (pedometer), and pulse rate just became even easier with this bracelet style (fitbit style) smart watch fitness tracker! Homestec created a very simple, easy to use, all in one wearfit health tracker smart watch that has some pretty serious features for such a small device. I will admit that the manual that it comes with is pretty lacking in any real information. Luckily, this device is pretty straight forward.

I found an updated User’s Manual and posted it here.

The watch is very comfortable and easy to wear — light weight and stylish.  The only complaint I have is that the screen isn’t bright in full sunlight which makes it a little difficult to read when you’re outside in the bright sun.  It wasn’t a big deal for me though.  First it measures blood pressure and pulse very accurately. It was within a couple points of another measurement device so it appears to be pretty accurate.  SpO2 measured me at 97-99% which seems like it’s also accurate.  I wore this fitness tracker (like a fitbit) as well as my Apple Watch for the day and the steps were very simliar, proving its accuracy. It has a sleep monitor which showed me how little sleep I actually am getting! The tracker displays (via the app for iPhone or Android) the amount of overall sleep, number of times I woke up, and how long I was in deep sleep.  Again, I was surprised that I was not getting very much quality sleep at all.  Not surprising though…  Lastly the watch has a stopwatch (great to be used as a timer) and it even has a “messages” SMS screen.  I paired my smart watch with my iPhone but it didn’t display any messages.  I guess I forgot to mention that it’s a touch screen display!  Simple one-button on the face controls everything.

The iPhone app was very simple to download, the QR code in the manual brought me right to the Apple App Store where I could download the Wearfit app.  The wearfit app shows you: Steps, Sleep, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Level, and Fatigue.  I’m not sure what the number actually means, but it showed mild fatigue at midnight – again, the data makes sense.  The app communicates with the wearfit tracker via bluetooth and downloads the data into the app.  You can see by the day, week, or month the data so you could see trends and have long-term visibility of your health.

Here’s the Wearfit App links for Android and iPhone:

Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (iPhone)

In summary: The Homestec blood pressure Wearfit watch is a fantastic little device with a couple little negatives, but doesn’t make it less than an amazing helpful tool for keeping your health in check.  And for the price it’s…. it can’t be beat!!!  I love knowing more about my overall health condition and it was a great pricepoint too!

Check it out at:




Calf Compression Sleeve for Running

Compression socks and sleeves provide graduated compression, meaning the compression is higher (tighter) at the foot and ankle and lower (looser) as it moves up the calf and lower leg. This type of compression helps to fight the effects of gravity and assist the body in venous return (deoxygenated blood flowing back up to the heart).

Recent studies show that with an optimal level of consistent compression, the walls of the arteries will dilate, increasing the blood flow through them. Arterial blood flow has been shown to increase up to 40% during activity and 30% during recovery. This means more oxygen and nutrients flowing through the body! On the other hand, the walls of the veins will constrict under compression, which helps to increase the velocity of blood flow through them. Increased velocity of blood flow through veins means that deoxygenated blood and lactic acid will get back to the heart quicker, which will help to increase the rate of recovery and decrease muscle soreness! Compression will also help to stabilize the muscle and decrease the amount of muscular vibration, resulting in decreased fatigue. To sum up the benefits of compression; enhanced performance through increased blood flow, quicker recovery and decreased muscle soreness, and less fatigue. All good things!

This compression calf sleeve really works! It helps your circulation, especially after strenuous exercise of just regular day to day muscle fatigue. Just put it on, and let the natural compression benefits help you!

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Retinol / Retinoid Solution Thermal Face Mask Review

What is a retinoid / retinol solution?  Don’t know do you?  The term describes vitamin A derivatives that unclog pores, boost collagen to reduce fine lines, and speed cell turnover to even out discoloration and smooth the skin—sometimes in as little as four weeks. The first retinoid—tretinoin—was FDA approved (under the brand name Retin-A) almost 40 years ago as a prescription acne treatment. Dermatologists soon noticed that patients on Retin-A experienced not just clearer but softer, brighter, less-lined skin. Today there are three prescription-strength retinoids: tretinoin (brands include Atralin, Avita, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, Renova), tazarotene (Avage, Tazorac), and adapalene (Differin). Many dermatologists find tazarotene stronger (and potentially more irritating) than tretinoin; adapalene is the gentlest but may be less effective.

Vivo Per Lei Laboratories Retinol Wrinkle Solution is an excellent self heating thermal mask.  It’s like a mud mask, just a thin layer gets applied and it hardens up.  Then apply a little more on top if you want more of a thermal experience!! Massage in for a minute and then let it sit for 10 minutes.  Rinse off and your skin feels absolutely amazing!  It really works!  Visibly noticeable skin clearing with a healthy glow can be yours.  It provides a thorough cleaning with essential nutrients for your skin.  It dissolves dirt, makeup residue, and other impurities.  This is a great product at a great price!

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Eyebrow Combo Kit – Tweezers, Scissors, Brush, Trimmer

Let’s face it. Details matter! It’s all about the grooming details. You could be the best looking woman (or guy!) and have ungroomed eyebrows – It’s no good. Having a convenient case with the whole kit in a travel form factor — it’s perfect. That’s where this Seeso Eyebrow Combo Kit comes in.

The Eyebrow Tools are of good quality – they have an excellent feel to them. They aren’t overly bulky but they do have enough weight to them that they don’t feel cheap in any way. The tweezers specifically have a good slant and shape – they do an excellent job of plucking your hairs. The straight razor is great for defining lines and essential to giving you the exact shape and contour you want.

All of this in a rich case that folds up and travels easily. It’s only $25 and includes FREE SHIPPING on Amazon.

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Whiskey Decanter Set Crystal Whiskey Glasses

This is a must have for the whiskey drinker in your life. The set is beautiful crystal and comes with 6 rocks glasses (very solid and feels good in your hand without being too heavy) and has reusable ice cubes that won’t water down your drink! The decanter is a nice addition to any home bar or even china cabinet! Looks great and is very functional too!!!

See it here: OPUL 10-Piece Whiskey Decanter Set of Crystal Whiskey Glasses, Whiskey Stones, Stainless Steel Tray and Tongs