INNX Quilted Microfiber or Suede Sofa Protector

Let’s face it, kids and pets make messes. It’s what they were born to do. And keeping your sofa clean free of these messes is very difficult at best.  I have a great dane puppy that absolutely LOVES the sofa and it’s impossible to keep her off it.  Even the best dog bed in the world can’t entice her to forget the couch.  I bought this INNX protector to try and keep my sofa from looking like a complete disaster!!

Now, I didn’t read the instructions before ordering, but this is specifically made for a microfiber or suede sofa or loveseat.  It doesn’t work AS well on leather and especially not as great on a sectional as you can see.  But it does work.  And it’s worth every penny…. especially if you have that microfiber or suede sofa.  THIS is the sofa protector for you!

It has two rolls that you stick down inside the sides of the cushion to keep the protector down.  Then push the top of it until it goes into the back, and flip up the back flap.  Super easy.  There’s also an adjustable strap that has many different hooks enabling you to keep the protector where you need it without sliding off the sofa when pets or children get on it… even a great dane!

It’s a great #loveseatcover or #sofaslipcover from the great people at #innx

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Giant Large Dog & Puppy Crate Play Pen Gate High Panel Fence

If you own a giant or large breed dog, you know that big puppies grow up to be giant dogs!!! And what happens when your Giant Great Dane Puppy starts to outgrow their crate? That’s exactly what happened to me…


No longer did my precious Gia fit in her crate.  She would go in there.. but didn’t have room to do very much and I felt guilty keeping her in there for any period of time.  I ordered the Safstar 40″ High Panel Dog Crate Alternative for that very reason.  I wanted a play pen where she had room to hang out during the day since she’s not old enough that I can trust her to be alone in the house without eating or destroying it!

This panel fence kit was super easy to put together.  Panels and rods. So simple. Just push the panels together and drop the metal rod in the top and bottom.  I had the entire play pen assembled in 90 seconds from unboxing to finish.   It literally could NOT be any easier.  The metal sections are very well constructed and are built to last.  There’s a door in one of the panels to make it easy for your puppy (or dog) to get in and out with ease.  You don’t even need to use all the sections, either!  I left 2 sections out so that the Great Dane doesn’t have too much room — I don’t want her to be able to relieve herself in one section of the playpen and be able to avoid and walk around it.  Let’s make no mistake – I still want her to feel like it’s her dog crate… I just want her to have more room – especially head room for a dog with long legs!!!

My guess is that you could also just use it as a fence or barrier to keep your pet out of a particular room or area as well… I used to use a baby gate for this, but now that I have this product – I’ll be using it instead when I need it.  Oh and one other thing – you could probably use this to put around your Christmas Tree to keep the dogs from getting AT the tree.  How ingenious is that!?!  My only minor complaint is that the metal rods could maybe have a rubber foot on them in case your dog pushes the fence so that it doesn’t have a chance to scrape up the floor.  I ordered a set of rubber end caps (just search rubber end caps!) from Amazon so I’ll give that a try and see if it works.  But I’ve been using this for a few days now and nothing like that has happened… maybe I’m worrying for nothing!!  Regardless, I highly recommend this dog crate alternative!! It’s a great play pen for my huge puppy!!!!

Oh and don’t let her puppy eyes fool you… she’s MUCH happier in this playpen than in her crate!!!!!!

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Dog Toys 6 Pack Gift Set Doggie Rope Toys Rubber Ball Variety

If you own a dog, they like their toys. What better gift set than a 6 pack of doggie rope toys, rubber balls, treat training toy, and a plush toy!  This is the variety pack of doggie toys!  Something for everyone! (dogs that is!)

This pack is fantastic for all breeds.. I have a Shepherd / Hound mix rescue, a Bernese Mountain Dog, and a new Great Dane Puppy and all of them absolutely LOVE these toys! I gave a couple to my friend’s Pit Bull Mix and he adored them as well.  He’s a chewer so finding something that actually stands up to the tough chewing is extremely difficult and rare to find.  These toys stood up to Jackson just fine!  The rope, well it’s perfect for tug of war!! Everything is high quality and made very well.  They’re non toxic and provides hours worth of enjoyment.  You’ll love them as much as your four legged animals do as they keep them occupied for HOURS!!!!

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Paw Choice Naturals Waterless Foaming Mousse Dog Shampoo, Mango & Pomegranate

I have a brand new Great Dane puppy and she constantly gets into things… with her little legs, she sometimes even gets her own pee on her legs!! Poor baby!!! And giving her a bath all the time is a pain!! So a dry shampoo is a perfect choice!

This Paw Choice waterless dog (dry) shampoo is a great way to get your dog clean and smelling good. A little goes a LONG way of this waterless shampoo product. Use sparingly! Just run it through your dog’s fur and it freshens them right up! Nice pleasant not too overwhelming scent either. I highly recommend this Paw Choice Naturals product!!!!

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Protect Your Stove – Kids Pets Accidentally Turning On Gas

Protect your stove from accidental gas leaks!  Keep your kids and pets safe!!!! Yes, it actually happened to me… I was standing in the middle of the kitchen with a friend and she goes “I smell gas!!!! Is there a leak?!?” Sure enough, the dog had jumped up and just accidentally turned on the gas – she nudged it on enough to start the gas flow, but not (of course) in the right position to actually ignite the stove!!! Stove Stoppaz to the rescue!! Just slide them in and you’re good to go!

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INNX Waterproof Quilted Dog Auto Car Seat Cover

Dogs are messy.  They’re full of hair, slobber, and generally smelly creatures.  With that being said, I LOVE MY DOGS!!!!!!  The one issue with having a nice vehicle, though, is how do you keep your automobile vehicle clean and protect your seats when you’re taking your favorite companion for a ride!?!?!?

I had an opportunity to get one of these INNX Waterproof Quilted Dog Seat Protective Covers for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  My girlfriend is looking to upgrade her vehicle to a Cadillac so we gave this product a try with her existing vehicle to make sure it would work when she trades up.  Because you don’t spend that much money on a  vehicle and NOT protect it!  (especially since she loves to take her dogs for a ride!)

The cover is awesome.  It protects your auto seats well.  It’s thick and well made – it will hold up especially with the larger dogs like we have.  It’s stylish and looks good too – isn’t cheap looking.  It fits more of the bench seats and she is going to use it in the “way back” area of her vehicle until she gets the new Cadillac …. so it actually has MANY uses.  It’s waterproof so in case your four legged friends have an accident… you’re safe.  Your seats are in good hands.

Highly recommend this product!  It’s a great product at a great price!

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