Wireless Meat Thermometer Digital Dual Probe Long Transmitter Range Grilling BBQ

NOBODY likes overdone food. With this wireless thermometer, you can choose your protein (beef, fish, chicken, pork, …) and literally monitor it from the other room or inside your house (think: BBQ!) Dual (2) probes and timer function!

Take (4) AAA batteries, insert them into both the transmitter and base unit. It has multiple channels so you can avoid interference from other devices. Attach one or both of the probes into the base station transmitter and you’re ready to go. On the receiver, you can use the MEAT button to set the type of protein you’re cooking. Use the TASTE button to determine the level of doneness you want (rare, medium, etc.) You can even use the timer function if you want a more manual experience, or you can put in your own manual protein temperature (let’s say you’re cooking a protein a second time in the oven (like a casserole or bake) Easy to manually set your points on this.

It updates quickly, has a big screen for easy viewing, you can clip it onto your belt or put it on the transmitter stand if you’re using it in more of a wired mode.

It works great! It’s the perfect accessory for BBQ ‘ing, grilling, roasting, baking, etc.

This is one fantastic kitchen tool!!!

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PF Chang’s Home Menu Sauce Sesame Recipe

PF Chang’s New Home Menu Sauce – Sesame Recipe for Mini Kabobs!!!

This is an awesome sauce! Easy to use and SO GOOD!!!

Just stir fry wok (like a hot pan fry) your favorite vegetables and protein (I used chicken with peppers – red and yellow!) and then add the PF Changs Sesame Sauce and simmer for a few minutes to let the sauce go through. Skewer, top with sesame seeds (optional of course) and serve! Be careful, don’t add any salt to this as it has plenty – not TOO MUCH – but you sure don’t want to add any more. If you’re feeling frisky, go ahead and add a little hot sriracha or asian hot garlic to it for an extra kick! SO GOOD!!!!


Sanity Now Anti-Stress Wine Glass Kit

What to buy the hard to shop for the girl in your life? Is she a wine lover? Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift?  Perfect secret santa gift?  Holiday gift exchange at the office?  Seriously… this is the ultimate wine lovers gift!!! Especially for mom’s that need a little “sanity now”!!!!

This is an anti-stress “Sanity Now” Wine Glass Kit for the wine drinking woman!  It’s one of the most unique gifts I’ve ever seen!  It comes with a beautifully etched wine glass and since it’s not painted, it can fit in your dishwasher (I put mine in the top rack and it’s just fine!)  It also has a beautiful coaster that doubles as a refrigerator magnet – you’ll always know where the coaster is!!! There’s a stress-ball that’s absolutely adorable…. it’s a squeeze ball stress head for when your life is out of control.  And last but not least a hilarious “Handsome Henry’s Fun Mini Booklet for Wine Education!”  It comes in a fun gift box and with the holidays right around the corner – this is the perfect secret santa gift!!

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100% Biodegradable Bamboo Cups for Hot or Cold Liquids!

These are the most family friendly cups you’ve ever seen.. they’re adorable!  They come in very vibrant colors with a very unique pattern.  What makes them even better is that they’re 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly!!  Kids will love helping the environment and you don’t have to worry about broken glass!  Use them outside, while traveling, or just “because”.  No special occasion needed!

And take a look at their Amazon Store.  There’s a $5 OFF coupon just click and virtually “cut” it 🙂 Instant savings!!!

Drink your hot or cold liquids and do your part to save the environment with these cool colorful eco-friendly cups from Genevieve Avani !!!  Can’t wait to use these poolside this summer!

Magnetic Bottle Opener for Fridge or Wall Mounting

Sometimes in bars, space is a premium – especially if you’re in your home bar or man cave. I know when I built the clubhouse, I wanted everything to be precise and perfect so as to maximize the inside space. Nothing unnecessary was to go into the clubhouse! I found this magnetic bottle opener which I bought to magnetically mount on the side of the small fridge – hoping that the magnet was strong enough to hold it in place. It absolutely is! It mounted perfectly without screws. No scratching of the surface either. Yes, you COULD mount it if you wanted to on the wall using screws, but the fridge mount was perfect for me. I put it on and then started opening bottles of my favorite beverage… beer… root beer… anything without a twist off top. And it’s made of oak wood that’s very beautiful – it looks amazing there. The bottle caps stick to the magnetic surface so it’s like it has a catcher for the caps! I love this addition to the man cave clubhouse!!  Trust me, there will be no more rummaging through cabinets or drawers to find a bottle opener.  With this, it’s right there on the side of your fridge (where your adult beverage is anyhow!) and ready to use at all times.  Love this product!!!

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Vacu Vin Style Wine Saver Pump Stopper Silicone

I have an original Vacu Vin wine stopper and I figured I’d give this one a try as well. (I wanted it for my gazebo or clubhouse so I didn’t go looking around my bar for the only vacuum wine pump I had in the house… an extra one never hurts!!)

Does it work? Yes. It does. It comes with a couple regular stoppers (what for, i’m not sure because I ALWAYS want the air out of my bottle of wine!) and a pump and 2 vacuum stoppers. It worked well the first couple times, but then the head of the handle popped right off. Can I fix it? Yeah, probably. A little glue might do the trick. HOWEVER, i don’t want to screw up the escape holes for the air in the wine bottle so I just kind of use it “as is”. Note: the handle SHOULDN’T COME OFF like in the picture. It’s $10.99, i get that. The Vacu-Vin is $13.25 If this one was less expensive, I’d probably overlook it but it’s annoying that it came off so quick. Unfortunately, I don’t even feel like you get what you pay for because it wasn’t really a value at $10.99. I’m giving it 3 stars because it still does work… Not a great product though…

I would spend the $3.26 more and buy an original Vacu Vin.

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