Inexpensive Soft Baby Newborn Swaddle Blanket

Every newborn baby needs a cotton swaddle blanket, period. End of story. Lots of them on the market are soooo expensive. Why? I haven’t a clue. You could easily pay $40, $50 for a 2-pack like this. These blankets are a great value for the money. Why spend extra $$$ when you don’t have to!?!??!?!?

These are very soft and thin – you don’t want to overheat your child!! They’re big and can be used to so much more than swaddling… “Tummy Time!” These are the perfect blanket to do that with. And if you’re giving this as the perfect baby shower gift, there’s one for a girl and a boy – i mean there’s no better gift out there is there than something that’s unisex!?!?!?

Did I mention how SOFT they are!?!? I want some for myself!!! But… they’re made for baby skin. I love the way muslin feels. (why don’t they make more things out of it?!?!?) They’re very cute and affordable – especially at their price!!!??!?! That’s a steal!!! I was able to purchase these swaddle blankets at a significant discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever. These are a great value and when I have a child of my own, I definitely will be coming back to buy more of these!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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Large Travel First Aid Kit Medical Bag

Small heavyweight travel first aid kit in a canvas bag – it’s pretty compact for what you get and very durable — it holds a TON of first aid products. Velcro and pouches holds things in place. I won’t go through all the items that it contains (as it’s pretty clear in the description) but it’s pretty comprehensive.

This is a great kit to keep in the car or in areas of the house where you might need some first aid items. Accidents happen, might as well store a couple of these close to where you might need them. I store one in the first floor bathroom, right near the kitchen. I keep one upstairs in the main bathroom, along with “backup” items (bandages, cotton balls, alcohol pads, etc.) so as I use them from this kit — I replenish.

It’s small enough so that it’s easy to carry around and doesn’t take up a lot of the room in your SUV or in your trunk – so it’s also easy to store!  Very practical – they’ve thought of some items that I wouldn’t have put in a kit I was making it myself.  The pouches are transparent making it easy to grab the item you need!   It even has a warming blanket in case you get stuck (or for shock victims!)  This first aid kit goes above and beyond, trust me!

I find that by having kits like this, you tend to find them extremely handy when you need something in a pinch… “Where’s tweezers???” “I don’t have a safety pin – can you look for one, honey?” This kit has what you need. Also included in the kit are items that you typically wouldn’t have around – which makes it awesome to store in the vehicle – glow stick, whistle, large wound bandages, etc. I receive this kit for free or highly discounted in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion. However at $24.95 I think this is a great value as compared to the items that it comes with!! They just happened to provide it discounted or free for review purposes.

P.S. you also can enter to win a $50 amazon gift card just for reviewing this kit. Why not buy it, review it, and enter to win?!?

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