Baby Bandana Bibs for Drooling and Teething Unisex 4 Pack Gift Set

Babies make a mess, it’s a fact.  They drool and are always getting their clothes dirty.  Anyone with a baby knows that!  This is why you need a bandana bib gift set like this one!

Now, in full disclosure, I was able to receive this product free of charge in exchange for my honest and 100% unbiased review.  Do not let that influence your interpretation of my review as my words are all my own and the experiences with this product are mine as well.

Think of this as a very inexpensive insurance policy for your kid’s clothes to try (and I use the word TRY) and keep your child’s clothes clean!!!  Back in the day, when I was a kid, my parents put a “moppine” (an italian word for a dishtowel) over my chest and hope that it keeps food off!  Now, you have these awesome bandana bibs!!!

They are nice sized, covering quite a bit of an infant / baby’s clothing.  Very soft and functional!  They snap together in the back easily and they look adorable on… and they’re very absorbent!  These are a great addition to a baby shower gift basket! A big 4 pack make this a great gift set… Newborn parents will thank you!!

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Bambini & ME Diaper Bag

Looking for the PERFECT baby shower gift for the expecting couple? Have no idea the sex of the baby but know you want to give them something really nice!!! Or maybe you’re the ones who are expecting and you’re looking for the perfect Diaper Bag. LOOK NO FURTHER than the Bambini & ME diaper bag!! They allowed me to receive one of these free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have no affiliation whatsoever with them and my words are all my own.

The immediate reaction when I received this product and started to look at it is WOW, POCKETS!!!  There’s a TON of them.  Big large pockets hold plenty of baby “stuff” – all the important things that a parent would need to take care of their newborn or infant child.  Inside, the bag opens up to store LOTS of diapers and … well, MORE POCKETS!!! The lining is made of tough durable material and all the stitching looks very heavy – this is a very well made bag.  Mesh pockets too so you can see what’s in there and even holds water bottles to keep mom & dad hydrated too!!!   Comes with a travel diaper changing pad too so you can change your baby on the road!!  Hopefully not while driving!! (just kidding!)

Seriously, this bag is very well made and worth  $50 for sure.  Have seen bags like this go for quite a bit more — so even though they sent this to me for free, my review is based on the price they have this listed for, which is a great value.  I would highly recommend this to any parents with newborns or as a fantastic baby shower gift!!!  Highly recommend!

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