I bought an LED Photographic Light that needed a battery. This is one of the 3 batteries that I could use with it, so I found this one and had an opportunity to purchase it at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. My words are my own and I’d tell you if it didn’t work as I have absolutely NO affiliation with the seller.

This battery is big. Bigger than I expected. And heavy. Upon research, this battery has LOTS of power and juice – which is why for a photographic light, it’s perfect!!! Great power, long life – all the things you’d want in a battery. Just like the original SONY NP-F970 at a fraction of the price!!! Highly recommend. I’ve found nothing wrong with this whatsoever. I cannot comment on using it in a SONY product, only that it works flawlessly in my photography equipment. I love the long lasting power it delivers. It’s heavy, don’t get me wrong. I’ve never owned one of these batteries before so I was a little surprised when it came as to it’s weight. But that means I can go all day and shoot with plenty of power to spare.

HIGHLY recommend!!!

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