Kids get into everything – especially things they shouldn’t! That’s where these combination child safety locks come in!

I was able to purchase these locks at a significant discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

So you get 6 locks in the set, and they’re like a combination lock. You line up the “lines” in a row and the clear strap comes out allowing you to open the cupboard door or drawer.  To put it back in, simply reinsert and turn the dial which locks them back up.  Now I found these to be easy to install – much easier than the magnetic ones I’ve tried.  But the only issue with these is that they’re not the easiest to gain quick access to items.  With other types of locking systems (like the magnetic key for example) you can be into your drawer in a second or two.  These locks take a bit of time to align and then pull the strap through.  I’d suggest these for more of the occasional use drawers, not your main cutlery drawer — for example.  It would get fairly tedious to have to take the strap out each and every time you want to get into the cabinet.  But for under sink or other hazards, I think these locks give you pretty good child protection at a good price!

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