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USA Red White Blue Flag American Sunglasses

How cool are you?!!? Well, that depends on what sunglasses you’re wearing now doesn’t it?! ūüôā Style and image are defined a lot of time by your accessories and how you wear them. ¬†Well, for the patriotic holidays like Memorial…

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Great Vintage Retro Swing Dress

Belle Poque hit it out of the park with this dress!!! It’s an amazing retro style dress that’s comfortable, true to size, great length and superior styling. ¬†It flatters a woman’s curves and brings back the flair and elegance of…

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Professional Tweezers Set

How many times do you need tweezers in a year? ¬†If you’re a guy, it’s probably not often. ¬†But I will tell you what, when you DO NEED THEM (like when I got a serious sliver in my foot a…

Fashion, Reviews

The Softest Crew Tshirt Ever!

This is probably the softest, most comfortable tshirt you’ll ever own. ¬†Run out and buy it. ¬†If I could end my review there, I would. ¬†But there’s more… First, this shirt comes in like 15 different colors and styles. ¬†Stonefeather…

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