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Matrix Dirty Trix Matte Clay Hair Styling Replacement – Smooth Viking Hair Clay

A little background: I have very fine hair. I used to LOVE Matrix “Dirty Trix” Matte Clay when it was out as it was the b-e-s-t hands down product for my hair styling needs. Since it’s discontinued, I’ve struggled with products trying to get the messy look. This was sent to me free or highly discounted in exchange for a review and since I’ve been having a heck of a time finding a good product (and believe me I’ve tried a WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM) – I figured I’d give this a go.

First off, it’s not completely flat matte like I enjoy. It has a little sheen to it. Not a lot. Just a little. It works well, holds your hair in place, and I’d imagine it would work even better for people with thicker hair. I need a lot of product to get my hair to do anything.. it’s super fine. But this product does a pretty good job with holding it, but still leaving it pliable and not like a gel stiff look.

The fragrance is light – much better than the Matrix product and nicer than a lot that I’ve tried. Subtle and not overpowering.

Basically rub the product into your palms and work through with your fingers. The more you rub it before you apply it, the thicker it becomes. Do that for a couple seconds (10-15) before trying to work with the product. It spreads it out and makes it less likely to clump into your hair. That’s true for all hair products of this nature. And once it’s in your hair, just work it through. It definitely does the job!

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If Matrix Dirty Trix was still being made, I’d have to give this a 4 star. But it’s not. This is pretty much one of the closest products I’ve come to a replacement for it. Different, but still works about the same. (almost)

Overall, Just A Guy Who Reviews Stuff gives this 5 STARS for it’s styling ability without the stiff hold and greasy look.