Amazing Wood Cherrypress Sunglasses from 4est

I LOVE THESE SUNGLASSES!!!!!! I’ve been looking for a pair of wood eco-friendly sunglasses for a while and then out of the blue — i had this opportunity to receive a pair from the awesome people at 4est in exchange…


Win a #newair Water Dispenser!

The awesome people at NewAir sent me a Water “Cooler” Dispenser for free to test out and review.  I’m not kidding.  This is by far the coolest product yet!  And the best part… I’m drinking a TON more water.  Just…


Softest Sheets You’ll Ever Own – Organic Bamboo Bedding

These absolutely are the softest sheets you’ll ever own. Period.  Hands down.  They are made from luxurious bamboo, 100% organic material, and it feels like you’re laying on a cloud.  We are all concerned about the environment and there’s nothing…

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