Softest Bamboo Bath Sheets / Towels

I will start by saying I’ve never felt a towel so soft in my life! And I’ve never heard of a ” Bath Sheet ” either to tell you the truth.  When I was selected to receive one of these at a substantial discount in exchange for my unbiased and honest review, I was actually expecting a regular sized bath towel.  This thing is HUGE!  It’s great, actually!  I think it could literally dry an entire family of four! (ok, that’s probably a gross overstatement but this bath sheet is VERY big!)

It hangs nicely though on the towel bar, it certainly doesn’t look like its out of place or anything.  It’s just when you go to dry yourself off, it’s like you’re wrapping yourself in a cocoon of material.  Soft material.  VERY soft material.  It soaks up water tremendously well and feels great while doing so.  Dries in no-time and because it’s made of Bamboo, it repels odors too!  THINK: Less washing needed = Saving the environment!  Plus bamboo is a renewable material and grows like a weed.  Literally!  Cut it and it grows back.  And if it can be used to make something like a towel… it’s a win-win for everyone.  Feel good about being green, and feel luxurious while doing it.  Plush and thick but not overly chunky.  The perfect thickness for bathtime drying!!!!!  Highly recommend.

Find out what a “Bath Sheet” is all about on or view their website here .