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Hope Cafe Liverpool NY Review

Hope Cafe Coffee and Tea House is a delicious new treat to Liverpool, NY. I saw some reviews online and decided to give it an immediate try. Finding the Hope Cafe was a little tricky. I’d suggest they call it…

Health & Beauty, Reviews

Keeva Tea Tree Oil Treatment

If you’re looking for a pure tea tree treatment for itchy skin, scalp, acne – whatever!! Keeva has you covered – it’s strong and effective for your problem skin.  They sent me a sample of their product to try out….


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree has a tremendous amount of health benefits. You can google it so I won’t get into it – but it promotes circulation, is a natural anti-fungal, etc. etc. etc. I had an opportunity to receive one portion of…

Food & Beverage, Reviews

Awesome Loose Tea Infuser

Great tea infuser!!! Very heavyweight construction, fine mesh keeps particles from coming through. Handles are made such that it doesn’t get hot when you pour in your water (which is a big benefit!). Superb finish, looks bright and shiny. Works…

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