Amazing Makeup Brushes

When your girlfriend wants to learn how to use makeup brushes, the first thing you do is look for a high quality set of them.  A set that has more than enough brushes for every purpose and is both designed and crafted well.  I found this set of Makeup Brushes by Unimeix on Amazon and thought I would give it a try for her.  They were also willing to provide a substantial discount if we provided a 100% unbiased and honest review.  We were happy to oblige.

Let’s talk about the brushes first.  They’re balanced in your hand and easy to work with.  Goat hair fine but strong bristles and they don’t come off when you’re using them.  They’re beautiful and come with a case that allows you to store and travel with them easily.  (Makes it great to use when you’re doing your makeup in the passenger’s seat of the car!)

I took her into the local “big name” beauty store and the woman there taught her some techniques of how to use the brushes… What order to apply the makeup, and general tips and tricks.  Highly recommend you do the same if you’re looking for pointers.  They’re more than helpful and if you don’t want the product they’re trying to sell you – just say “no thanks”.

Overall, this the perfect set for anyone that wants a general all-purpose set.   It makes it super easy to apply makeup. Can’t think of another brush that you’d need that’s not contained in the set!  A great value for your money!

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