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Solar Powered USB Charger for Cell Phones

This is just the device I’ve been looking for!! Here’s the thing, it’s summertime and people are always over to the house for pool parties and other backyard shenanigans. “Hey, do you have an outlet for me to charge my phone???” Sure… let me get an extension cord and plug it in right by the pool. NOT!!!!! They end up charging the phone inside and then walking in every 5 minutes to check their messages. This product solves that!!!

I also love to travel. My travel often takes me to beaches and pools. Yeah, I bring a battery pack with me but it’s kind of bulky and then when I need the battery pack for an outing or something, the battery pack is dead because I used it down at the pool or beach to charge my phone. This product solves that too!!!

It’s thin, lightweight, and comes with a very nice little stand – extremely portable.  Just put up the stand, point the solar panel at the sun, and you’re charging inside of 30 seconds.  Literally.  It has a USB port on it, so you plug your phone charging cable in and that’s it.  There’s no switches, buttons, nothing but solar usb power for your phone.  Says 1A worth of power, and I don’t really have a way to measure it – but in the 30 or so minutes i had it on, it worked great!

We’re having a pool party this weekend so I hope someone’s phone needs a charge!!!  I’ll be whipping out this NeffSolar Solar Powered USB Charger for sure!!  I was sent this solar charger for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  If it didn’t work, believe me I’d tell you!  It works and works great!!!! I love when you find a product that outperforms your expectations!!!

See this cool device at: https://www.amazon.com/Solar-Charger-Photon5-Smartphone-5-angle/dp/B019VJUVAY/