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Unique Toilet Paper Holder with Cell Phone Tray

I love unique products – especially ones that have unique functionality!!!  How about this, a toilet paper holder with a CELL PHONE TRAY!?!?!? WHAT!?!?!? 🙂  Yes, that’s what this product does.  It’s a matte finish brushed steel / brushed chrome toilet paper holder that’s very modern and unique.  It works very well, you can even rip off the toilet paper with a single hand and because the post is on the left hand side, you can rip it towards you without the roll coming off.  It’s far superior to the “tube” ones that have a center pole in them.  This toilet paper holder so much more solid than that.

And now let’s talk about the top of this.  It’s a CELL PHONE HOLDER!!! That’s crazy.  So while you’re doing your “duty” 🙂  You can set your phone down and while it sounds like a strange idea……. everyone does it.  Everyone takes their smartphone into the bathroom and uses it.  I bet you could even use this for a small statue or vase or anything decorative too……. But this works great for cell phones.

They sent me a sample of this toilet paper holder for free or highly discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation with the company and the words are my own based on my experience with this product.  This is a great holder that you won’t see many places — so if you’re looking for a unique bathroom product, this is it!!!  It works well…. And it’s very easy to install.