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Curious how clean your water is? #HealthyWiserTDS to the rescue!!

Curious how clean your water is? Do carbon filters in your refrigerator really work?

I was. I have a water cooler, refrigerator ice/water with in-line carbon filter, and occasionally buy bottled water. But which is actually BEST? Do filters really make that much of a difference?

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. My words are my own and the experiences with this product reviewed here in plain speak. I am not a chemist or biology guy, just someone who is very curious and concerned about the quality (purity) of his water and agreed to test their product.

So, first of all – testing your water (or any liquid, really) is very simple with this HealthyWiserTDS TDS (which means Total Dissolved Solids — I had to look it up) EC (another term I had to look up – Electrical Conductivity) tester. A simple ON/OFF button turns the unit on and off. A HOLD button if you need to lock in your values. Measures the amount of dissolved solids in your water along with the temperature. From my reading, temperature affects the readings so this measures the temperature and then adjusts accordingly for an accurate calculation of how many solids are in the water — in simple terms, how pure is my liquid???

I put my tap water up against my water cooler water up against my fridge water up against bottle water in a “show down”. I don’t have an independent third party meter to test this or a lab in my back pocket!!! but the results looked to me to be extremely accurate, and it was very simple to use. The price point is under $25 for a device that clearly will tell you how pure your water is…. I’d say that’s one incredible piece of technology! And I was literally blown away with the results.

I had thought that using carbon filters on my refrigerator, water cooler, etc. would be giving me some measurable filtration to my drinking water. You’ll have to see the video to know the results!

In summary: a VERY easy to use tester that yields results immediately and without any uncertainty. Clear to read and no education/knowledge is needed to begin testing right away!

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