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iPhone 7 / 6 / 6S Case Cover with Shock Bumper for Apple Phones

While the iPhone 7 isn’t out yet, I already have my iPhone 7 cover / case thanks to evito!  They allowed me to receive one of these cases in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company and was asked to provide my detailed experiences with this product.

I have an iPhone 6S but plan on upgrading as soon as it’s available. The announcement comes out today 9/7/16 so I’m very excited!!! The case is already here waiting for the iphone 7 release!!  When iPhones are released there’s obviously a buzz about what new features the phone will have and what it will look like – case manufacturers often find out details in advance of the phone’s availability and such is the case with this one.  Everything I’ve read about the possible rear cameras are very much in line with this case.  It fits the 6 / 6S cameras as well.

The case is made of a neoprene high density material and feels good to grip.  The case does not add much bulk or weight to the phone at all.  (I hate big bulky cases!)  There’s a cutout for the on/off as well as volume controls and home buttons built into the case.  The interesting part is that the bottom is open, which means it will accomodate any configuration of charging / audio / etc.  There’s tons of speculation around whether or not the iphone 7 will have or not have the 1/8″ headphone jack but this case accomodates either scenario.

This is an inexpensive case for the upcoming iPhone 7 and well worth the price.  It’s not as protective as a big bulky case — so if that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t the product for you.  Those products add to much weight and size to my phone so they’re not for me.  This is exactly the type of case that I would use myself and I recommend it for moderate protection.

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