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Knee Compression Sleeves

I hurt my knee a couple months ago pretty bad.. Just smashed it.  Ever since it’s been acting up and hurting pretty bad.  It will feel better for a day but then the day after it’ll be back to really hurting me.  I looked online and found this pair of inexpensive compression sleeves and I have to say it’s helped, really it has.  I find that some activities without it, I will do things that actually make it worse.  The pressure of the sleeves help me to avoid doing those actions and thus really helping the discomfort and pain.  The bonus brace I actually have used to keep the compression sleeve in exactly the spot I want plus it also feels good on my knee to keep the pressure there.  I’m no medical doctor, but I can tell you that this product has helped me very much and it’s not uncomfortable at all to wear.  I bought a large and it fits perfectly.

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