Cobalt Blue Glass Trigger Spray Bottles

These Cobalt Blue Glass Trigger Spray Bottles are perfect for kitchen, bath, and other household spray jobs.  Make your own clorox spray easily and affordably too.  So cheap to make!!!

Do It Yourself Clorox Spray Recipe
1 Empty and Rinsed-Out Spray Bottle (LIKE this cobalt blue glass one! if you use this bottle, you may need to half this recipe because the bottle is smaller than a typical spray bottle)
1/4 Cup Bleach
1 Teaspoon Laundry Detergent
Fill the rest of the bottle with Water and Shake!

Now what makes this spray bottle even better than most is the style and design of it.  It’s stylish, so cleaning and leaving the bottle out is decorative too.  Feel free to make your own aromatherapy spray too!  These bottles are very versatile and high quality.  I love them!

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