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Toenail Fungus Treatment Perfect Nail Topical Toe Finger

Toenail fungus is horrible. It’s something that an infected manicure instrument tool and you’re going to get infected too. So many nail salons do not use proper disinfecting / sterilization techniques so if you get pedicures, you just may get a fungus. And it’s absolutely horrible to get rid of. The pills are dangerous and the solutions take a very long time to work.

So here is your solution. It’s a two step process – one for soaking before you apply the solution, and the second is the actual topical solution. You first use hot water in a small tub and then add a single drop of the step one solution. I added epsom salt as it certainly helps and feels great on your feet. Once you’ve soaked for 15 minutes (at least) you then dry off your feet and use the step two topical solution. It comes with an applicator brush so it’s very easy to apply. No solution is immediate and I haven’t been able to determine if it works completely, but it appears to be. I’ll come back and update once I know for sure. For the money though, it is definitely a value.

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