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Pro-Tec Professional Alcohol Breathalyzer

Have you ever wondered about your blood alcohol levels after you’d have a couple drinks?  I’ve thought about it quite a bit in fact.  I purchased this Pro-Tec Professional Alcohol Breathalyzer tester to satisfy my curiosity and to ensure I’m being safe. Better to know than to wonder, right!?

This alcohol breathalyzer is so simple to use… you literally don’t even need the manual.  It’s as straight forward as a product can get.  Insert a 9V battery – although they say to use alkaline, it worked just fine with my high output rechargeable one.  Put in the mouthpiece and press and hold the TEST BUTTON and it powers on and starts counting down.  Do nothing while it’s doing this – it’s a self-test or measurement type thing.  Once it says “BLOW”…. blow.  That’s it. 5-7 seconds and you have your reading.  Beeps are loud and intuitive so you understand when to stop.  It displays your BAC blood alcohol concentration level for 20 seconds, long enough for you to take note or to press the memory button to retain / hold it.  It’s very accurate as far as I can tell.  To test it, I consumed 3 drinks in 2 hours and it read .036 which I double checked against the BAC charts and blood alcohol calculators I found online and it seemed like a good solid result.  I have no independent way of validating the results but based on the tables I’ve found online, this device looks like it’s spot on accurate.

To clean the mouth piece just run it under water with a little soap and rinse thoroughly.  Ready for the next time!  It also has a nice carrying case and plenty of extra mouthpieces so you can test your friends, family, whoever needs it.

Overall, this is an excellent unit with great accuracy for measuring the alcohol in your bloodstream.  Highly recommend!