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Vacu Vin Style Wine Saver Pump Stopper Silicone

I have an original Vacu Vin wine stopper and I figured I’d give this one a try as well. (I wanted it for my gazebo or clubhouse so I didn’t go looking around my bar for the only vacuum wine pump I had in the house… an extra one never hurts!!)

Does it work? Yes. It does. It comes with a couple regular stoppers (what for, i’m not sure because I ALWAYS want the air out of my bottle of wine!) and a pump and 2 vacuum stoppers. It worked well the first couple times, but then the head of the handle popped right off. Can I fix it? Yeah, probably. A little glue might do the trick. HOWEVER, i don’t want to screw up the escape holes for the air in the wine bottle so I just kind of use it “as is”. Note: the handle SHOULDN’T COME OFF like in the picture. It’s $10.99, i get that. The Vacu-Vin is $13.25 If this one was less expensive, I’d probably overlook it but it’s annoying that it came off so quick. Unfortunately, I don’t even feel like you get what you pay for because it wasn’t really a value at $10.99. I’m giving it 3 stars because it still does work… Not a great product though…

I would spend the $3.26 more and buy an original Vacu Vin.

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