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Milesight UG65 MinerTools Guide – Multiple Miner Config by Secarius

If you have a Milesight UG65 Helium Hotspot Miner then you want this GUI tool. Miner Tools with multiple Miner Config by Secarius. As of 07/30/22 there is a new version just released: 2.0.5

The much-anticipated version 2.0.5 Miner Tools has some amazing new features for your Milesight helium miner including performing all the ssh functions without having to ssh into your miner. Obviously you need your ssh credentials! (yes, the same ones you use for putty)

This all-in-one tool features like peerbook (-s and -c), miner console log processing so you can see your witness failure and success count, LoRA packet forwarder restart, and lots more. One click to open in browser to manage your GUI and open in Helium Explorer, too. Program your own buttons means your favorite commands can be saved in the tool.

And now miner tools has a “check update” feature to keep it up-to-date.

Secarius’ wallet is:


in case you’d like to buy him a coffee or make a little donation.

ZIP Download: https://github.com/Secarius/Milesight_Miner_Tools/raw/main/installer/minertools_2.0.5.zip


MSI Installer Download: (2.0.4 needs to update inside program after install)


NOTE: If you upgraded your Milesight UG65 beyond 36-R4 and did not change your root password, your root password will be changed by the manufacturer and this tool will not work without the root credentials.

What’s new?

2.0.5: Added Mux and Sync fix button – Known errors: Wrong text when doing mux and sync. will work anyway 🙂
2.0.4: Fixed missing config file on new setup
2.0.3: Tweak peerbook, added programmable buttons, and improved stability
2.0.1: rework config, now with settings menu, gui based miner settings in settings menu, improved stability

Download either the ZIP or MSI Windows Installer and run. The first time through you may see:

“Config is empty” is a normal condition it will create your configuration file.

Click SETTINGS and then “Edit Miner List” to add your miners.

Type your miner name (what you want to see in the dropdown), public IP address (or you can use DNS/DDNS name if you wish), SSH username (root), SSH password, and SSH port.

Also, your IP address needs to be reachable. If you are behind a VPN, then launch your VPN prior to running the tool. If you are connecting from a local area network, your IP address might be 192.168.1.x or whatever your local IP subnet is. In order for this miner tool program to work, you must be able to reach port 22 from the IP address (or DNS/DDNS name) you configure.

To begin, select the miner you wish to send the command to from drop down, and then click the command you wish to execute. The information appears in the window below.

No more remembering console commands. Just select, and click. This is a powerful tool and a huge shoutout to Secarius for creating this nifty, simple program!

Oh and one more thing… if you have a command that there is no button configured for… like “uptime” to see the load on your miner – you can either type it in the command bar and click send – or configure a button in the lower right hand corner to save it for each time.

This guide for the Milesight UG65 Helium Miner Minertools is brought to you by Dennis Crawford. To help pay for server hosting costs, if you are looking for helium deployment parts recommendations, please consider using the Amazon Storefront which has various products to use. Or, if you’d like here is the HNT donation wallet:

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