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Delicious Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you’re looking for a delicious premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil – I had the opportunity to try this oil from Tutto Bella and it’s amazing! Great for making bread dipping oil or use on pasta or salads. It’s so good that…

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3 Piece Ceramic Knife Gift Set

Have you ever tried a ceramic knife? Incredibly light, great feel, balanced and sharp! This makes a great holiday gift for any kitchen enthusiast… I mean, hey – everyone cooks right!?!?!?:) under $30 for 3 amazing knives! A sample…

Food & Beverage, Reviews

Bouchard Chocolate – Get It At Target!!!

When you get some #BouchardChocolate .. people can’t keep their hands off it!! Bouchard’s finest Belgian pralines are absolutely DELICIOUS!!! You can buy them at Target!!!!! 125g for only $5.49 and 250g for $9.99!! and on IG at:…

Food & Beverage, Home, Reviews

Lead Free Stemmed Red Wine Glasses

Anytime is a good time for wine! Especially with these #rodwine red wine glasses! Super nice, fine and elegant. They come in a 3 box set (because you know you’ll break one eventually!) and makes a perfect gift for the…

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