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A lot of people are obsessed with fitness and health. Tracking your blood pressure, oxygen level (SPO2), steps (pedometer), and pulse rate just became even easier with this bracelet style (fitbit style) smart watch fitness tracker! Homestec created a very simple, easy to use, all in one wearfit health tracker smart watch that has some pretty serious features for such a small device. I will admit that the manual that it comes with is pretty lacking in any real information. Luckily, this device is pretty straight forward.

I found an updated User’s Manual and posted it here.

The watch is very comfortable and easy to wear — light weight and stylish.  The only complaint I have is that the screen isn’t bright in full sunlight which makes it a little difficult to read when you’re outside in the bright sun.  It wasn’t a big deal for me though.  First it measures blood pressure and pulse very accurately. It was within a couple points of another measurement device so it appears to be pretty accurate.  SpO2 measured me at 97-99% which seems like it’s also accurate.  I wore this fitness tracker (like a fitbit) as well as my Apple Watch for the day and the steps were very simliar, proving its accuracy. It has a sleep monitor which showed me how little sleep I actually am getting! The tracker displays (via the app for iPhone or Android) the amount of overall sleep, number of times I woke up, and how long I was in deep sleep.  Again, I was surprised that I was not getting very much quality sleep at all.  Not surprising though…  Lastly the watch has a stopwatch (great to be used as a timer) and it even has a “messages” SMS screen.  I paired my smart watch with my iPhone but it didn’t display any messages.  I guess I forgot to mention that it’s a touch screen display!  Simple one-button on the face controls everything.

The iPhone app was very simple to download, the QR code in the manual brought me right to the Apple App Store where I could download the Wearfit app.  The wearfit app shows you: Steps, Sleep, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Level, and Fatigue.  I’m not sure what the number actually means, but it showed mild fatigue at midnight – again, the data makes sense.  The app communicates with the wearfit tracker via bluetooth and downloads the data into the app.  You can see by the day, week, or month the data so you could see trends and have long-term visibility of your health.

Here’s the Wearfit App links for Android and iPhone:

Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (iPhone)

In summary: The Homestec blood pressure Wearfit watch is a fantastic little device with a couple little negatives, but doesn’t make it less than an amazing helpful tool for keeping your health in check.  And for the price it’s…. it can’t be beat!!!  I love knowing more about my overall health condition and it was a great pricepoint too!

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  1. One of the easiest review to get information from. I like that you’ve taken the trouble to include a manual. Can you confirm that it can/cannot be made to record blood pressure readings while I sleep/autonomously (every 1/2 hour), without my triggering a reading? If it did my next question would be, “how can you get the data out of the app – into a database for example?” Tkx

    1. Bob, thanks for the compliment and you’re welcome for the manual. I try and make my reviews thorough and include anything the manufacturer may not have!

      It does take BP, O2, Fatigue (which I’m not sure how it comes up with the exact number), and Pulse values on an hourly basis – right on the hour. It also syncs both the Wearfit app and the native iOS iPhone Health App. I just did a quick google search and yes, you can EXPORT out of the Health App – just can’t import (which is fine, that’s not what you want to do anyhow!)


      Those links should work fine for you!

  2. Hello. I just received my wearfit today and was able to set it up, despite a the lack of a manual that actually made sense. THAT was my biggest complaint by far. I see one of those scan things in the manual and I think I’m supposed to do something with it, but I don’t know what. Is it important? But what I have been unable to figure out is why does it randomly vibrate when I’m not even touching it. Do you know?

      1. David – i don’t get text messages from my iPhone… I assume this is an Android-Only feature??? Can you confirm that’s what you have?

  3. I’m sorry. One more thing. The charging is unclear to me. I understand the clip thing goes over the band with the pins connecting to the metal spots on the band. The fit is really weird though. Very loose. Am I supposed to push the pins in? I have not tried that as I don’t want to break it. Is it possible for you to send me a picture of what it looks like when properly connected to charge? Thanks again.

    1. Take a look at the following pictures. It doesn’t insert and there’s no force you should be putting on the watch or pins themselves. It’s very loose. Doesn’t need to “connect”. You’ll see the indication of the battery being charged on the display when it’s done correctly. But do NOT apply any force whatsoever!!!

    2. I also pulled the pins out on the first picture so you could see how loose I put the pins in – all you do is move it in place and it starts charging!!!

    3. Clip the charging unit over the phone, aligning the pins with the copper indentations. It should kind of snap into place. There should be no need to press. Plug it into a USB and the unit’s screen will flash with a charging animation.

  4. Just received my WearFit…everything is working fine except for the steps. It is not recording my steps. What do I need to do to get that to work?

  5. Have had it for 1 week now. Phone does not update readings every hour like it is set for. Get no text messages is it supposed to?

  6. I like the watch so far, but can’t get it to display 12hr format, not military time. I can change how the military time looks, but can’t get it to change to the clock face. Could I have an older version of the watch that does not have this capability?

  7. I have worn a Wearfit device for over a year. My Wearfit works great. Many of the questions and misunderstandings in this post derive from not knowing how to set up the watch in the app on your phone. Once you have the app set up and the watch is synced with the app then you can begin to customize your settings.
    1. Go to the top left of your phone app screen and see three dots with three long lines beside the dots.
    2. Tap the three dots and lines with your finger to bring up all customizable settings.
    3. First got to “Personal Information” tap on this to input all of your personal info. BTW, “Hand” means which arm you normally wear the watch on.
    4. Go to”Device Management”. This screen shows whether or not you need to charge the watch. BTW, the watch is best charged when plugged to a computer by the USB port. Also, this is where you set up “Sharp Hour” monitoring of BP, Heart rate, BO or Blood Oxygen level, and Fatigue readings. If you do not activate the hourly readings then you will have to do manual readings by touching the “measure” word on the top right of the screen. Touch the “Reminder” word to set up all of your reminders. This is where you setup “Call Notifications”, “Message Notifications”, “Alarm Clock”, “Long-sitting warning”, “App Notification”, and “No-disturbing mode”. You decide how much or how little you want to be distracted, for me, I only have “Call notification” turned on all others are off. I would suggest to not turn on the “Automatic screen activation” feature because you will be awakened by the screen coming on during the night. Also, do not turn on the “Anti-lost” function unless you want a vibration and notification every time your watch and phone are not close to each other.
    5. Go to “Settings” and click on “Health goal”. Choose how many steps will achieve your daily goal. 8000 steps per day are the WHO recommendation, as shown at the bottom of the phone screen. You make the choice for your own situation.
    6. The remainder of the settings have to do with “Apple Health”, “Wechat sport”, “Clear data” – this clears your phone data. “Clear the bracelet data” and “Restore factory settings”. I have not touched any of these and do not use Apple Health nor Wechat sport, so I am not clear about their functionality.
    7. Do not touch “Unbind bracelet” unless you want to start over with a new Wearfit watch or you just can’t stand wearing the watch and want to kill the app.
    8. When you open the app on your phone, drag your finger from top to bottom of the screen for the app on the phone to download data. The app will show the time of last update. I usually have to do the Loading function three times, in the morning, to get new data, especially sleep data. Also, once the data is updated this is the best time to see if the watch needs to be charged. Go to the 3 lines at the top left and touch them and go to “Device Management” to see the percentage of the battery charge, if the charge is at 80% then charge the watch with the USB cable while attaching to the USB port of your computer. Only takes about one hour to bring the charge back up to 100%.
    9. The alligator clip for charging has three prongs and you need to match those up with the three dots on the back of the watch, for charging. The dots and the prongs are magnetic and they just have to touch in order to charge the watch.

  8. I have had mine for two months now but my car does not show the right time and it does not show my sleep hours it says I have to bind it but it’s not binding please tell me how to do this

  9. Works fine just fool with it. Went to beach and got hourly up dates on bp, pulse & 02. Got home and checked ped; it showed distance ln an hourly chart and total distance in steps and miles. Almost 3 miles if u r wondering. I’m pleased, it does everything that I wanted it for.

  10. i an scan the qr and it says connected on my bluetooth but it will not connect on app what do i do where does this watch come from if i want to send back

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