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Back of Seat Car Organizer Kick Mat iPad Holder

Keeping your vehicle organized is tough, especially with kids.  You need a backseat car organizer that has lots of pockets and holders for ipads and tablets to make your life less chaotic!!! And of course, something that’s well made and…


Chalk Markers / Painters for Outdoor Kid Art

I hate writing with chalk. It feels gritty and gets under your fingernails… UGH! I hate hate hate it!!! So when a four year old wants to go outside and “play with chalk”, I cringe. Let mommy go take him…


Mesh bag toy bathtub organizer – tub or shower

Keeping a bathroom bathtub or shower organized is difficult.  Add in a four year old kid and it’s darn near impossible.  It seems he wants every possible toy with him whenever it’s bath time.  So when I had the opportunity…

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