Mesh bag toy bathtub organizer – tub or shower

Keeping a bathroom bathtub or shower organized is difficult.  Add in a four year old kid and it’s darn near impossible.  It seems he wants every possible toy with him whenever it’s bath time.  So when I had the opportunity to receive the KESEF Bath Toy Organizer for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my 100% unbiased and honest review – I jumped at the chance.  Organization is something we cannot have enough of in this household!

This mesh bag is great – keeping all his bathroom toys organized in a simple way.  One place which means hopefully he’ll want to put them back after he’s done — but even if he doesn’t, WE CAN.  It reduces the clutter all around the tub and keeps them handy for when he wants them.  The suction cup is very strong — but one thing to note is that they don’t work very well when wet.  NOTE TO SELF!!!  Put them on the wall when everything is dry and then turn on the water.  Don’t try and put this up after you’ve started the bath or shower!

They give you two bonus hooks which at first was confusing.  “what is THIS FOR!?!?!?!?” but after I re-read the amazon listing it made sense.  I guess you can put them anywhere else in the bathroom too – bathtub walls, shower tiles, or even outside the shower on a mirror or tile.

The mesh bag looks like it’s made with top quality materials — feels very well made.  The mesh allows water to run through it and appears as though it will last for a long time.

I guess you could keep other things in it after the kid grows up 🙂 like travel body washes, razors, etc.  But at this point we’ll be using it strictly to keep his stuff in it until he outgrows it.

Highly recommend this simple, easy, low-cost organization solution for the shower or bathtub!

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