Glittercrunch Monthly Subscription Box Review

OMG what a great gift idea for those “hard to shop for people”!!! The “Glitter Crunch Box” ” glittercrunchbox ” is a new monthly subscription box dedicated to those who love and appreciate European hand painted Glass ornaments. Each month, subscribers receive a box with 1-2 European hand painted glass ornaments, plus 4-6 additional items all related to a unique, monthly theme. This month’s goodies: coconut glass ornament, popsicle ornament, oversized lip balm, salt water taffy, gourmet virginia peanuts, and a set of 3 decorative sea shells!!!

Everything in this subscription box was pretty unique and had some type of hand either painting or hand picking.  The products are one of a kind and very european in terms of the glass ornaments they provide.   You get way more than the $59/mo. monthly box subscription price, and there’s multi-month discounts available too.  There’s stand alone boxes (single purchase) if you’d like that option as well and not a monthly subscription.

So unique, so clever and what a great gift idea!!!

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Ecofarms Vegetables Seed Kit

Earlier this year I decided to NOT buy the pre-started vegetable plants and to grow this years pseudo garden from scratch using seeds. I had never done it before but now 60 days later I’m starting to have more tomatoes than i know what to do with!!! They took right off and the mint, lavender, and peppers are also in abundance!!! I swear they did much better from seeds than at the local farmers store. Of course I chickened out and bought pre-planted flower baskets that I simply transplanted into the pots around the landscape of the house — but next year I swear I’m going to do everything from scratch! It’s also so much more rewarding when you look at what you grew from a tiny seed!
Then came EcoFarms with their wildflower and vegetable seed pods!! It’s quite honestly the cutest most adorable package kit I’ve ever seen.
From the box: “EcoFarm seeds are open pollinated heirloom seeds preserving the taste of one hundred ten years of organic farming tradition!” The vegetables include carrots, tomatoes, peppers, etc. and each container has it’s own picture on it of what’s inside it.
The wildflowers kit have a whole section on how to brighten your mood/day which I thought was pretty great – best flowers to cheer you up! There’s 9 different flowers of which I’ll have to refer back to the amazon listing to see what they are… I’m certainly not a flower expert!!!!
And the containers close for easy storage. They’re SO CUTE! I know they’re made to give as a gift… but I don’t know if I can part with them now!!!!!
There’s cards with the kits that show you exactly how to plant them, what to do, and when to do it. There’s facts and descriptions/explanations that absolutely make you excited about planting them!!! Each container has a whole bunch of seeds – plenty enough to have a couple years of growing (or one massive year if you want!!!)
Seriously…. #ecofarmsonline has AMAZING Seed Kit Pods that make great gifts! (or plant them yourself!!) Wildflowers and Vegetables — created RIGHT HERE IN NEW YORK STATE!!!! (I live in New York State which makes me really happy that I’m supporting a “local” cause!)
Check out their wildflowers seed kits at: and check out their vegetables seed kits at: They sent me these kits for free to review honestly and without bias. I love, love, love them! I can’t wait to plant them!!!! 🙂 or maybe i’ll give them as a gift to someone…. nah, i’m keeping them they’re so cute! 🙂 It was too late in the season or else I would have planted them right now!!!!