Spectra Orthopedic Mattress Review

Here’s my review of the Spectra Orthopedic Mattress!! So far now I’ve done a 5 night sleep test on it and it’s firm, contours to the body, and I wake up feeling like a $1,000,001 dollars. Let’s fact it, I get up feeling like a million bucks normally!

The Spectra mattress is 13.5″ with 1802 individually encased pocketed coils… although I’ll admit, I only counted 1801. Just joking!!! Personally, I don’t care about those type of details other than it’s MADE IN THE USA and it’s amazingly comfortable while supporting my back since I’m a back sleeper usually. The bed is simple, modern and stylish, but it’s the mattress that really makes the difference! Seriously… I couldn’t be happier!!!

Here’s the link to check them out on Amazon: https://goo.gl/fyt8Jm

I was skeptical about a mattress that came all rolled up, but unboxing it was easy, just unroll and CAREFULLY slit the plastic wrap so air can get in to expand the mattress. In an hour, the whole thing was completely expanded and ready for the bed frame! It probably would have been even less time but I gave it extra expansion room.

Really good mattress for the price!!

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set King Gray Microfiber Bedding

I had an opportunity recently to receive a set of these Mellanni Gray Microfiber Sheets in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation with them and my words are all my own.  Here’s my initial thoughts:

The sheets when you first pull them out, they’re very very stiff.  I prefer stiff sheets over the soft wrinkly thin sheets anyday.  These though came out of the package a little too stiff for me.  Nevertheless once I put them on the bed, I was much more impressed.  They may have just been sitting in the same position too long!  The one thing I will tell you as I do own 2 other Mellanni sheet sets is that they are notoriously generous in their deep pockets. I have a 14″ Euro Pillowtop (top of the line Stearns & Foster before they sold out!) and it’s hard to find sheets that stay on the mattress all night.  These sheets are like both of the other Mellanni sheet sets in that THEY STAY ON!  That’s huge.  Nothing more annoying than every single morning having to put the sheets around your giant mattress.

Besides the fit, I absolutely adore the color. The pattern is very unique and I must say that I woke up in the middle of the night and for a moment was like “What’s this!?” I am not used to having patterned sheets… But I do truly love the pattern and the gray color is amazing.  The comfort is very decent, not the highest quality sheets ever but for the price — you cannot beat them.  I have bought sheets double the price at our State Fair that claimed to be the greatest sheets ever and they didn’t look or feel half as nice out of the box — let alone after a few washes.  The material is fairly stiff as I mentioned, but it’s not overly thick.  It’s a medium weight which makes it perfect for fall and winter months.  I think I like their solid color higher thread count for summertime, but this particular sheet set works great as we head into fall.  The stitching is well made and I wouldn’t expect these sheets to hold up any less than the other sheet sets.  They store nicely in the closet being on the thinner side and at the price point, they make an incredible value.

See the Mellanni Brushed Microfiber Bedding Sheet Set at Amazon.com