Swiffer Sweeper Dry Wet Review

Pretty Darn Good product… and here’s the but – in a house with 4 dogs (and yes, i know that’s not the norm here!) you go through dry cloth refills like crazy. Here’s the full scoop.

The poles connect together easily, and it’s fairly sturdy. Doesn’t feel quite as solid as a regular mop, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break on you either. It snaps and locks together in a snap. (pun intended!) The handle is ergonomic and is easy to control. It’s pretty much what I expected, maybe even a little better construction.

The value pack comes with the sweeper and 7 dry cloths and 3 wet cloths. The dry cloths actually do work well but get dust and especially dog hair on them QUICK. So i find that I almost have to use a squeegee type rubber mop first for the big dirt/dust/dog hair and then go over it with the dry pad. I do find that I go through them quite a bit if I don’t … and there’s only so much shaking you can do to it…. i mean you don’t want all that dirt/dust getting back into the air, right? Once you’re done you can use the wet cloth pad to actually clean the floor, but getting it to dust/dirt free in a household of 4 pets plus mom plus kid plus me is a challenge. In our house, it’s a combination of roomba, rubberized squeegee, THEN swiffer dry THEN swiffer wet.

A lot of process? Yeah. But it’s important. And the swiffer does a pretty darn good job. I tried the previous swiffer wets that had a button you press to spray and that just was leaky and ineffective. Plus it didn’t actually go on the pad it went around it and time was spent MOPPING versus this kit which the wet pad is pre-moistened and ready to go.

Overall, 4 STARS out of 5… now if there was a way to get the dog hair off the pad easily or maybe make the base out of a rubber squeegee so that without a pad, you can use it for dog hair and then put on the dry pad and then wet….. Hey, i may have just given Procter and Gamble a million dollar idea!! You’re welcome P&G. Maybe a check (or a lifetime supply of swiffers) will be in the mail!

Portable & Compact Diaper Changing Pad Bag Organizer

We are all looking for multi-all-in-one products but things that try and do everything rarely do anything well.  Baziliq came along with their combination Diaper Changing Pad with Bag Organizer that’s perfect for travel!

It has huge pockets, big enough for all your baby stuff – wipes, lotions, diapers, whatever you need!  All in a roll up organizing pouch.

It’s the perfect on-the-go changing station – even if you need to do it outdoors!  Ahh, picnic baby changing!  Baziliq has you hooked up!  It’s unisex too and makes a perfect baby shower gift! Even if you don’t know the baby’s sex!  Every baby needs changing… hehe!

They sent me a sample of their product to test out and with our little one due April 2017, this will be PERFECT for us!!!

Check it out: https://goo.gl/WPGr5z

Bambini & ME Diaper Bag

Looking for the PERFECT baby shower gift for the expecting couple? Have no idea the sex of the baby but know you want to give them something really nice!!! Or maybe you’re the ones who are expecting and you’re looking for the perfect Diaper Bag. LOOK NO FURTHER than the Bambini & ME diaper bag!! They allowed me to receive one of these free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have no affiliation whatsoever with them and my words are all my own.

The immediate reaction when I received this product and started to look at it is WOW, POCKETS!!!  There’s a TON of them.  Big large pockets hold plenty of baby “stuff” – all the important things that a parent would need to take care of their newborn or infant child.  Inside, the bag opens up to store LOTS of diapers and … well, MORE POCKETS!!! The lining is made of tough durable material and all the stitching looks very heavy – this is a very well made bag.  Mesh pockets too so you can see what’s in there and even holds water bottles to keep mom & dad hydrated too!!!   Comes with a travel diaper changing pad too so you can change your baby on the road!!  Hopefully not while driving!! (just kidding!)

Seriously, this bag is very well made and worth  $50 for sure.  Have seen bags like this go for quite a bit more — so even though they sent this to me for free, my review is based on the price they have this listed for, which is a great value.  I would highly recommend this to any parents with newborns or as a fantastic baby shower gift!!!  Highly recommend!

See this diaper bag at Amazon.com

Remission Qi 3 Coils Wireless Charger Pad iPhone

This is an absolutely FANTASTIC wireless charging solution for your iPhone.   All the new vehicles, including my GM Cadillac Escalade, has a wireless charging pad.  You spend money on an amazing vehicle with all these bells and whistles … but Apple and their lack of support for wireless charging can’t take advantage of it.  That’s where Remission comes in with their 3 Coil Wireless Charging Receiver and Pad!

First of all, why do you need 3 coil?  Single Coil is awful.  You have to put your phone a certain way or it doesn’t charge, it doesn’t recognize the receiver right away, you end up fiddling with the phone on and off the pad to get it to sync and register.  It’s a pain in the butt.  3 Coil is where it’s at.  FOR SURE.  I’ve tried a bunch of these type of wireless chargers and this one is the best, by far.

The charging stand / pad is fantastic too.  It’s so simple to just simply put your phone on the cradle stand and it charges.  No monkeying around.  It’s as straight forward as you can get.

And in the car, obviously if your vehicle has a wireless pad, you can use it with this receiver no issues whatsoever.  I’ve tried it in a couple different GM vehicles and it worked FLAWLESSLY!!!!

Now, how do you put in the receiver…. it’s easy.  Use whatever case you want.  Personally, I’ve had good success with one particular case from Tweets Tech as it’s so thin and easy in/out but I’ve also used it with both a lifeproof as well as Otter Box case.  I’ve had NO issues with ANY case I’ve used.  And if you need to connect a charging/sync cable…… just remove the receiver and plug in your cable.  I honestly don’t know how I lived without this!!!!

I received this Qi Wireless Charger Pad and Receiver highly discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation with the company and their product works perfectly.  I HIGHLY recommend this product!!!

See this product on Amazon.com


Compression Pads for Tennis Elbow Pain Tendonitis

My girl has been suffering from elbow pain for a while now. She asked me to get her a compression pad to help with the pain.  I ordered one on Amazon and she wasn’t too thrilled with it so she gave it to her father.  Then I was selected to receive one of these at a significant discount in exchange for an honest and 100% unbiased review.  Since the other one wasn’t so good – I figured it couldn’t be much worse, could it?!?!?  Actually, we were pleasantly surprised….

First, you get 2 neoprene black/blue pads – not just one like the other one we received from Amazon.  The pads are adjustable with velcro and easy to use – for sure.  It goes just above your elbow to apply pressure down onto your muscle.  It actually works great, especially for Tennis Elbow or Tendonitis.  You can use it while doing strenuous activity or you can use it whenever you feel pain.  They’re really awesome to use and provides good support for activities.

The band isn’t heavy and doesn’t weigh you down – it’s not super hot either – some pads make you sweat like crazy!!!  It’s also not crazy colors and unobtrusive….. so you can feel good about wearing it.  It’s not some ridiculously emblemed thing or weird colors that make people stare at you!

The bottom line is that this provides some real relief when your elbow is throbbing and in pain.  It stays in place when you’re moving around and you can just set it where you want it, and forget about it!  It gives with you so it doesn’t restrict motion, but applies constant pressure on your muscle to relieve the Tennis Elbow or Tendonitis pain.  Good work Worldwide Elite!!! Great product!!!

Available at: Amazon.com