Rude Rudy Cocktail Recipe with Jack Rudy Tonic Syrup

Why wait for the weekend…? When your Jack Rudy Cocktail Company order comes, you don’t wait to make a cocktail.

I’m not a mixologist, I entertain at home and like most of us, we want to come up with delicious drinks and cocktails to serve our guests.  Why should bars be unique?  A home bar is just as good as a martini or high end regular bar?  It shouldn’t.  A Home Bar (or your friends bar!) is the perfect bar!  I created a Facebook Page for my recipes and tips / tricks called The Kitchen Beast and I’d be honored if you’d like and follow me there!!!

Jack Rudy for those that don’t know is a boutique small batch prohibition era style company that makes absolutely delicious syrups and other mixers.  I have tried their elderflower tonic syrup, regular original tonic syrup, extra bitter tonic syrup, sweet tea syrup, and the other goodies Jack Rudy has like vermouth soaked olives, etc.  Everything was delicious but in my honest opinion, the elderflower tonic syrup and the original tonic syrup are my favorites.  That’s what inspired me to create the Monday Night Rude Rudy Cocktail!!!!!  So without further delay…

Monday Night Rude Rudy Cocktail Recipe


Add together:
1 1/2oz. Makers Mark 46 Bourbon
3/4 oz. Jack Rudy Elderflower Tonic Syrup

Add ice, and top with 5oz. Carbonated Water (club soda or sparkling water will do just fine!)

For a little “extra” you can add a couple drops of Jack Rudy Cocktail Company Aromatic Bitters

Stir or shake, your preference.

Sip and enjoy responsibly!

Disc-O-Bed Camping Home Bed Bunk Bench Cot

I just built a clubhouse which is a very unique recreational “man cave” if you will, and I needed a portable temporary bed / cot to use out there when someone decided to spend the night. I wanted something durable, easy to assemble, and easy to store.  Space is at a minimum – think of it as a tiny house.  Small houses are the rage right now — personally, I don’t think I could live in a tiny / small house – but that’s what this clubhouse is really.  It’s like a separate man cave!!!  And it needed a unique sleep system that’s as unique as the room itself!!

I did my research and came up with the disc-o-bed (disco bed is a really funny name, I admit!)  I wanted something versatile that could be used in a variety of ways.  Discobed to the rescue!!!

The discobed arrived quickly and I was surprised at how compact it was.  It wasn’t overly heavy, but it did feel like the pieces were high quality and built to be rugged without being too bulky.

Easily and without any tools, the bunk bed was assembled in no time. Everything clicks together, and while it definitely would be easier with two people, it wasn’t a huge deal to do myself.  The wheels are separate from the poles but lock into position.  The poles come apart for easy disassembly and storage.  The top bunk has an extension piece that you can actually not put in making the disc-o-bed two separate beds instead of a bunk bed!  With space being so limited in the clubhouse, the bunk bed will be perfect when there’s two people spending the night!

It converts to a bench too equally as easy.  Just take the top bunk long roller pole and move it down to the first bunk and you now have a portable couch! I will say, though, that pillows are definitely needed for any extended laying back… it’s not something that I would spend much time on without a pillow or two in back of me, but that’s a minor issue.  If I’m sleeping on this portable bed, I’d be having a pillow anyhow!

Don’t mind the cute poop emoji pillow! 🙂 This bunk bed is extremely strong – while you might think it’s for kid / child sleepovers, think again.  Each of the 2 bunks can hold up to 500 pounds.  To test that theory, my good friend Brian decided to give it a try.


And you might think, “that’s great… but he’s not on the top bunk… what about that?”

Again, Brian to the rescue.  He said he felt perfectly fine up on the top bunk.  I decided to go in the bottom bunk… and when 2 full size large adult males were on it, it was perfectly stable.  Rock solid.  Plenty of room on the bottom bunk as well!!!


There’s a carrying bag so all the pieces / parts fit perfectly in there so you can take it with you on the go – if you were going to the beach, or camping for example.  There’s two separate carry bags, so if you’re only bringing one disc-o-bed with you, you don’t need to take all the pieces.  The bag is very well made and easy to carry.


Oh and I forgot to mention, there’s a front pocket that you can put all your items in to keep them safe… empty your pockets so you don’t wind up with your change all over the place!  Even a beverage can be held in there!!!! Yes, a portable bunk bed with a cup holder.  Discobed has thought of everything!!!


And lastly, this is how I store my bed, in the loft of the clubhouse. Sure, I could put the bed frame in the bag, but I keep it out as well as the poles and wheels so it’s even easier to grab down and set up in just a couple of minutes.  For my application, it’s easy to do it this way, but to be truly portable, just put it in the carry case bag.


It even stores in the loft perfectly without disassembling.  I cannot say enough about this truly remarkable portable sleeping system.  It really is a couch, bed, and bunk bed all in one.  Use it for unexpected (or expected) guests, kid sleepovers (or adult sleepovers when someone has had one too many especially!), parties, lounging by the campfire, camping, heck I would even bring it to the beach!  If you’re spending the night at someone’s house, put the disc-o-bed in your car and instead of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress with springs that get you right in your back, sleep on the discobed.  Honestly, it’s way more comfortable than it looks – if i’m being completely honest it has far exceeded my expectations!!! The use and functionality of this product is outstanding.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

See my Youtube Video at

Check out their #getoutthere page at:

And of course, buy this incredible Disc-O-Bed at:

Paper Photo Frames 4×6 Clothespins String DIY Wall Decor Crafts

I wanted to get something that I could decorate our engagement 4×6 photos in a very cute and fun way – something that’s classy and elegant but also adorable and unique.  I found this 4×6 inch photo frame kit that included mini small clothespins along with burlap twine style string.  They agreed to allow me to purchase this at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever.

The photo frames come in quantities of 3 of white, black and natural tan (brown ish?) color.  They fit the photos well and there’s not a lot of cropping that occurs.  The photos will have a rounded corner look that makes them modern and sleek.  The twine isn’t very sturdy but for the purposes of hanging up photos, it does the trick. (You can always buy better twine if you need/want!)  The clothespins are tiny, smaller than I thought – but it works.  If you wanted colored or larger clothespins, you could buy them.  For the price of this DIY Wall Decor kit, you really do get a lot of bang for your buck.  It looks great!  You can pin it to a corkboard at work, attach it to the wall, put it outdoors for a photo shoot with a wooden fence in the background (had some ideas from pinterest for that one!)

Overall, this is a pretty great craft kit for 4×6 photos. I think it’s adorable!

See it for yourself at:

Wood Craft Spring Clothespins Mini Small Bright Colored 50-Pack

If you’re looking for inexpensive wood clothespins for crafts, then you’ve come to the right place.  This is a pack of 50 (yes, that’s a lot!) and they’re fairly bright colors – perfect for what I had in mind which was to use them in a craft project where I took mini polaroid photos and hung them by a piece of natural burlap style twine and give the pictures some color – instead of using natural colored clothespins.

Now these are definitely smaller than I thought, 1.4 inch is what they say so bear that in mind.  I just had it in my head that they would be bigger.  They’re not.  But they are cute and adorable.  Functional and stylish for mini small crafts is what they’re designed for.  For the price, you can’t beat them.  It worked for my project and I’d recommend them for yours!

I was able to purchase these at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  My words are my own and the discount has no impact on my experience or review whatsoever.

See them at:


Craphy Small Portable LED Photographic Light

This Craphy Portable LED Photographic Light is a FANTASTIC addition to any photographer’s kit.  It’s always important to have a small portable photo light that you can carry around with you and use to film / shoot at night, add fill-in light, or to remove shadows.  It’s a very handy tool indeed!!  This one in particular is very handy because it’s packs so much light into a very small form factor.  The lights are VERY bright and it works very well.

The one thing that I didn’t know when I bought it is that it doesn’t come with a battery.  Lesson learned!  It uses the SONY NP-F550 NP-F750 or NP-F970 batteries.  You can use any of them.  The 970 is what I chose because it’s the biggest and packs the most punch for the money.  It also happened to be the one I found to be the lowest overall cost between the battery and charger. (I bought them on amazon but they’re all over the web)

This light while it is very bright doesn’t draw that much from the battery.  I used it for well over an hour during a recent photo shoot and it didn’t drain it hardly at all.  I checked it by putting the battery in the charger and within 10 minutes, the battery was charged back up.  So it’s pretty energy efficient as far as I can tell.  It’s not heavy (without the battery) and is easy to pack into your photo bag.

The light is variable from 10% to 99% and it also comes with a standard threaded connector so you can put it on any tripod or mount.  It has 2 filters (orange/warm and a daylight white) in case you’re shooting indoors or outdoors.  For the money, it’s a fantastic little light!! I saw these at my local photo shop and they were $100!!!!!  I was able to get this free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation with the company at all and my words and experiences with this product are all my own.  It’s worth every penny they’re charging for it – it’s a great light at a super price!!!

See the LED Photo Light at

Mini Stainless Steel Tongs Set Multipurpose 5 Piece

When I cook, I always run out of kitchen tongs.  Always.  I’m constantly using them to turn, toss, flip, etc. and I won’t use them again until they’re washed if they have raw meat on them.  I’m constantly using forks or other utensils to substitute for tongs because there’s never enough of them in my kitchen.  I was able to purchase this set (in red) for a substantial discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company.  I’m just a guy who likes to cook!

The red set is cute – are they big and sturdy?  No.  But they’re 5 for $10!  I didn’t expect them to be.  But they will probably hold up decently for what they are.  What I love about them is the fact that I can use these initially to turn over raw chicken, pork, beef, and not worry about the larger tongs getting dirty.  The smaller size is perfect for dishing out perfect portions of pasta, tossing salad, tons of uses.  It comes with a tong for just about every cooking action – so you won’t run out again!  Even though they aren’t the most sturdy – I still think they’re a good addition to any kitchen drawer!

See them at