I get my shirts dry cleaned and when they come back from them they’re on these flimsy wire metal hangers.  If I don’t wear them for a week or two, they have the hanger marks on the shoulders and it’s just annoying!  My closet is full of these horrible hangers so I started researching natural wooden hangers to upgrade my closet.

I received this set of hangers free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company and my words and experiences are all my own.

The hangers are beautiful, as you can see from the pictures.  They’re gorgeous golden wooden color and have a nice lacquer type shine to it.  I don’t know exactly what they used on them, but they look great!  Nice color and they’re very sturdy.  I am starting to use them to store bulky winter coats and they do just fine!  These hangers are well made and have all the MUST-HAVES for hangers – bar for hanging pants / trousers, hooks on the end to hang women’s garments like blouses and dresses.. they’re just perfect hangers.  At around a dollar a piece, these are a tremendous value!!! I looked for them at the “big bed and bath store” and they were 10 for $20 so these are almost half that price.  And they do work great.  I highly recommend them!!

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