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Stylish Striped Henry Ferrara Cabana Flip Flops

I love the look of these Henry Ferrara Collection “Cabana” flip-flops.  They’re a little uncomfortable at first, but once you start to wear them, they nicely fit to your foot.  They aren’t super cushiony, they’re more stylish and fashionable than…

Fashion, Reviews

Romwe Sleeveless Flare Swing Dress

Wow!!! This dress is amazing!!! I was able to receive a Romwe Sleeveless Flare Swing Dress for free in exchange for an honest and 100% unbiased review. My fiancee was willing to model and test it and here’s what we…

Fashion, Reviews

Skyed Apparel Cactus Embroidered Baseball Hat

It’s hard to find cool hats.  I hate the boring “regular baseball hats” that you find in the mall or in big stores.  I like the unique and different and that’s what Skyed Apparel offers! They were nice enough to…

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