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Vicsou Portable Waterproof Pouch 2-Pack

Having your “essentials” at the beach or pool is absolutely … well… ESSENTIAL.  That’s why they call them ESSENTIALS.  Your keys, your phone, your passport, your money, your credit cards, etc. etc. etc.  All the important things that you absolutely need with…

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Apalus Mosquito Trap

Here in Upstate New York, the mosquitoes are unbearable.  Truly unbearable.  When I saw this product, I was super excited!!  An LED light that attracts mosquitoes and sucks them in as a trap – seemed too good to be true!…

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Solar Powered LED Flood Light by Kumeda

This is a tremendous little LED Solar Powered LED Flood Light!!! I have always steered clear of Solar Powered Lights because they — well — stink.  To put it bluntly.  They’re often very low powered, dim light, or run out…

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