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Perfect Outdoor Beach Tent! (or for backyard fun!)

This is a perfect tent for heading to the beach with.  It comes in a nice, neat carrying case that’s so easy to carry.  Everything’s folded up nicely and it’s ready to take out and go!  It slides out easily and the instructions are actually attached right to the carrying case.  How smart is this!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  The answer: VERY SMART!

Once the tent is un-tubed just lay it out and put the legs extended all the way.  The top has 2 cords that you literally just pull on and the top mechanism goes up and the tent comes out.  Pull tightly on the cords until you hear a “click” and that’s when you know the top is secure.  Simply tie the cord around the top pieces (both top and bottom) for extra security.  And you have a tent!!! It literally took me 60 seconds to put up.  The only confusion was how to get the top pieces to lock – and it was just a matter of grabbing the string, and pulling tight with a little force enough to click them together.  It was SO simple.

There’s a window on each side, and a bottom that allows you to not lay on the sand, dirt, grass, etc.  It’s a well manufactured product and has a lot of thought put into it.  There’s sand bags on each leg so you can fill them to weigh the tent down (or use the stakes that it comes with.)

Taking it down is easy too… just push down (where it says to) and the top unclicks from one another and the tent comes down.  Fold up the legs, fold up the material (this was a little pain) and it will go back into the fabric carrying case I promise you. May take a little bit of effort (nothing ever quite goes back in the EXACT SAME WAY does it!??!!?!) but it works great.

I’m going to use this in the back yard for the kids to protect them from the sun while we’re in the pool… they can use it like a “fort” to play games in too!!! It’s like a sun shelter cabana!  Overall, this is a great summer tent!  They did provide this to me at a substantial discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  I have no affiliation with the company and my words are absolutely my own.  I love this product and would have bought it at full price!!

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