Amazing Clarity Ausdom M08 Bluetooth HeadPhones!

My new best friend.

Why I didn’t get a pair of bluetooth headphones sooner is BEYOND ME! Especially this pair from Ausdom. They call it AUSDOM…. I CALL IT AWESOME!!! 🙂

This pair was sent to me for free or heavily discounted in exchange for an unbiased and 100% honest review. I was glad to oblige being that I love music and have worked most of my adult life in radio. I had no idea the clarity of these speakers, though! When I think bluetooth, i think of degraded audio. I mean it’s low bandwidth so the sound HAS TO SUFFER, RIGHT?


At least not with these on your head. The bass is plentiful and punchy without being overly “BOOMY”. Mid-range is crystal clear and treble is nice and crisp and not TINNY. The volume is sufficient, not too over the top, with straight forward controls to adjust. Really, there’s only 3 buttons. What more do you need?!?

The ON/OFF button also serves as a pairing button – just press it down while the device is OFF and hold for 5 seconds — beyond the “POWER ON” indicator and it will begin it’s pairing search. Easy!

When I power up the headphones, instantly my smart Samsung TV comes up and says “found these awesome headphones!!” (yes, it’s a play on words!) and I click OK and that’s all there is to it.

They’re comfortable to wear for hours on end (great for when the kid is being a kid and wants to create audible chaos in the house) and they fold up easily to store away from kid hands. It doesn’t come with a case — i’m kind of bummed by that, but it’s no deal breaker. The quality of these headphones more than make up for it! You can also use these as wired headphones if you want… but Bluetooth is where it’s at! Also I read there’s a microphone on this too…. i just haven’t used it or tested it.


Last I checked they were out of stock on but you can check again!  Or search Ausdom’s other bluetooth headphone products!