Great Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (non Apple)

I bought these in white and they’re very good for the price. I’ve tried other earbuds (including Apple’s!) and for some reason they don’t fit in my ear very well. I use them while mowing the lawn and the other ones are CONSTANTLY falling out of my ear. Ugh, it’s annoying. Sure, they don’t have all the bells and whistles that my Apple ones do, but the fact that they fit so perfectly for me makes me use these far more than my Apple ones. I read the reviews and the two major issues people complain about are battery life and sound quality. I mow my lawn and it takes about 1.25 hours and I have absolutely no issues whatsoever using them well beyond. I’ve used them 2 hours straight with no issue. Sound quality, yes – my Apple ones are better but at what price? The case is bigger than the Apple ones… it doesn’t matter at all to me. I think these are great little ear buds for the money. You can’t go wrong! $25.99 !?!?!?!? You can’t beat it!!!

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Riwbox wireless headphones xbt-80

If you’re looking for a little piece and quiet, check out these bluetooth wireless headphones from RiwBox. They’re under $26 and pack a little punch for the money.   They’re decent sounding for the price and are much better than earbuds. They fit on your head nicely and aren’t uncomfortable in any way.  I used them for hours with very little ear fatigue at all.  The sound isn’t as crystal clear as my Bose $99 headphones but they’re also a fraction of the price.  Can’t go wrong there.  They make a perfect addition to movie watching and I wouldn’t feel bad about giving them to a child to use (i mean ruin!) as they’re inexpensive for sure.  They were surprisingly decent for the money and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to listen to music and hates earbuds (like me… i despise those little things!)

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They come in 3 different colors so pick the one that works for you best.  Not a bad pair for the money!


Bluetooth FM Transmitter Vehicle Adapter

This is a fantastic Bluetooth FM Transmitter that works great! My older pickup truck doesn’t have an audio jack to connect to and it certainly doesn’t have bluetooth capabilities. For these older vehicles, you need something like this Bluetooth FM Transmitter adapter to interface between your iphone (or android smart phone) and the FM radio that’s in your vehicle already.

I used my iPhone 7 and setup literally could not have been easier. Straight forward simple and easy. Turning on the FM transmitter was essentially plugging it in. My phone found it instantly and I clicked on the device and it paired instantly. Next I adjusted the FM station to a clean one (one where there was no signal) and the static from the FM radio became quiet – which meant it was transmitting. Then I played an audio file and it started to play on the radio. CRYSTAL CLEAR. It actually sounded better than some of the radio stations in my area. I didn’t have to change the frequency once as I drove around for 35-40 miles using it. All the while it was clear and sounded great.

I highly recommend this for anyone who has an older vehicle that doesn’t have bluetooth capability!

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Great Clear Powerful Bluetooth Speaker

Want an awesome tech gift for the “hard to buy for” person on your list? Give the gift of amazing clear and powerful sound with this great #iHomeBluetoothSpeaker !! One listen to it and you’ll want it for yourself 🙂 #buytwo hehehe

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A sample of this unit was sent free or discounted to test out. My review of this is purely my decision.

Stylish Whole Room Bluetooth Speaker

The directions were somewhat vague, but it was easy to figure out how to set up.  Audio was clear – not a lot of real highs or lows, but very good basic sound quality.  EXTREMELY portable.  Decent amount of volume for indoor use.  The orange color is very awesome!!! Looks great!  And AMAZING battery life!

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Sample was sent to test and see how it performed. No review was required or necessary.

Singing In The Shower? Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker!

Singing in the shower just became a whole lot easier with this waterproof bluetooth speaker!

Packs a HUGE punch in a small form factor!! Great sound for a tiny speaker.

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