Mellanni Sheet Set Winners #2 and #3 – Congrats Andrea Curtis and Krista Galster!!!

Congratulations to Andrea Curtis and Krista Galster!! They are both winners of the Mellanni Sheet Set!!!!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank You to Mellanni for sponsoring this contest! 106 Entries in Total. I’d say for my first contest ever, that it was a big success!

If you are looking for the softest, most generous (won’t slip off the bed corners and come untucked!), perfectly affordable sheet set in TONS of different colors………..

See their product on – I couldn’t have done this without them.  I’ve used them personally, a few friends have bought them and we all LOVE THEM!!!

(They make a great Mothers Day present — give mom some pampering and get her new soft sheets that doesn’t break the bank!!!)