I am using this in a wastebasket application in my kitchen center island. The garbage is enclosed so I need some form of odor control. Enclosed garbage…?

Yeah. You need odor control for sure.

I had been using baking soda boxes with the slits on them and recently resorted to the “stick-ups” with odor control. (not air freshners, but rather things like this with activated charcoal) I had the opportunity to try this out for free or highly discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Does it work? Yes.

As good or better than baking soda. But at the $10.95 price? I could buy a whole bunch of boxes of baking soda for that price… Not that it would fit in my drawer, mind you….

I feel like the price for what it is might be high. Perhaps it lasts longer than its competition? I’ve only had it a short time so if it does, i’ll come back and revise my review. The competing product worked well and was less expensive. That’s my perspective on this — but again I cannot comment on the length of time this one works. The other one worked for about 2 months or so.

This product doesn’t have any holes (visible at least) and it’s not mesh so I’m a little concerned about it’s ability to cut down or fully remove strong odors… i haven’t dumped raw chicken or anything smelly in the garbage to give it a true test. Again, if I do – i’ll revise the review. There’s no odor, so my guess is that it truly removes odors, not masks them.. which is the point of this type of product. The only thing I have to remove a star for is it’s price…. if it lasts 2 months, then it’s not a value. if it lasts 4 months, then it’s right priced as compared to its competition. Or if it takes out VERY STRONG odors (which admittedly i haven’t had the opportunity to test yet….) then I’ll come back and rate it 5 STARS.

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Overall, Just A Guy Who Reviews Stuff gives this 4 STARS with a star deducted for value for the money.