Let’s face it, pets are slobs. They’re the type of friends you simply wouldn’t want in your house.  They eat and drink whatever they want whenever they want. They make a total mess of your floor and then just walk away expecting you to clean up after them.  What jerks!  But lovable jerks they are!!!

I saw these silicone pet bowl mats and just had to have them.  I actually was able to get them heavily discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  That’s perfect because I needed them anyhow.  Let’s see how this measures up.

They’re like a feeding placemat for your pet.  Much larger than I had expected.  Great, because I have big dogs who have large food and water dishes!  Plus when they eat, food and slobber go everywhere – another reason why these big mats are fantastic… they catch all the crumbs and spit!  They also have a raised edge around them so it traps the food particles making it far easier to clean.  Just pick up the mat and shake it out – unless there’s drool on it, in which case you can throw it in the dishwasher or wash by hand. Your choice!  (dishwasher safe items are my best friend!)

The silicone they use is food grade, which puts my mind at ease – so many products for pets use inferior materials… only the best for our furry friends!  But the one thing you’ll notice right away is how thick it is.  It feels like it’s made to last!!! (good because my dogs put a beating on all their items… we have four of them, so strong and durable is a GREAT THING!)

Just A Guy That Reviews Stuff gives this 5 STARS for being a nice way to protect your floors nicely and also protecting your wallet!!

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