In the summertime, especially, your dogs should have a constant bowl of water available at all times.  Dehydration is no joke people!  Especially if they are outside for any period of time – and by any I mean even for 5 minutes!  One thing I hate is having to get a “regular bowl” down to give them water when a one/two of them are outside and the others are inside.  It’s a pain.  I was sent this set at a significant discount in exchange for providing an unbiased and honest review of their product.

The bowls are decent sized, more for a medium to large dog, but not an extra large.  I would definitely buy these as backup bowls for extra large dogs (like Madison!!!)  — like i’m using them for outside.  But for medium 50-ish pound dogs, they can be used as their primary as well.  The bowls are well constructed and has a rubberized base so they’re non-skid.   They’re dishwasher safe so you can get all the “gunk” off them after your dogs eat… clean bowls are essential.  The slime you feel – yeah, that’s bacteria.  Get it off please!!! Your dogs health is important.  Having extra bowls like this eliminate the need to get bowls out of your cupboard when you throw a set of them in the dishwasher…. they’re very handy to have.

At the pricepoint, you can’t beat them.  And two bowls!?!?!? That’s literally two for the price of one you’d find in the pet store!!!

Bottom line: they’re good quality, sturdy, and nice looking – plus they hold enough water or food for most dogs!! And the dogs seem to love them too! 🙂

Just A Guy Who Reviews Stuff gives this 5 STARS for being pretty decent bowls at a killer price.  With the money you save, buy fido a bone or two!

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