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Bikini and Bra Laundry Bags – No washing damage!

This is the first major breakthrough in “special care” laundry! We travel a LOT and also have a lot of opportunities to wear bathing suits – so bikinis get a ton of use. Not to mention I’m constantly washing bras and other unmentionables. It takes it’s toll! Especially when you don’t have enough laundry to fill a front loader washing machine – sometimes you sneak an item or two in and no doubt either the clasp gets caught on something, it wraps around itself, the hardware gets scratched, …. it happens ALL the time.

In comes this fantastic product which solves all that! I received this item for free in exchange for an unbiased 100% honest review, but I assure you that my words are my own and it has NO influence over what I’m writing here. This laundry bag set is a game changer. Hands down.

There’s 4 bags, one larger than the next. The largest bag you could fit probably every single item of my girlfriend’s bikini drawer!!! Ok, maybe not quite that many, but it’s BIG. So big that I’m not even sure what to put in it…… Maybe we do laundry enough to not need it, but it’s great to know that it’s there if we need it!

The bags hold bras and they hold their shape when they’re being washed. Everything stays in place, and washes perfectly. No more deformed bras!! The bags hold lots of items at once, and you could even throw them into a mixed load if you want – but either way it’s a perfect way to wash. And these bags work great for packing in your suitcase as well!!

Simply put: this works great for protecting your delicates in the wash and saves them from being damaged.

Bras are expensive – bags are cheap.

Is this even really a question????  BUY THESE BAGS!!! Save your $$$$$.

Just A Guy Who Reviews Stuff gives this 5 STARS for a great money-saving way to wash your delicates!!!!

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