Novoo AC Power Bank Review – Portable AC Wall Outlet

Portable battery packs are great when you need USB power on the go… but what about when you need AC 110V power on the go?  A portable AC power outlet? That’s a novel idea!  Novoo is the first portable wall outlet I’ve ever seen!!  In fact, I didn’t even hear of Novoo before now. I see that they’re a very solid company with some very innovative products.  I didn’t see a lot of competition so it was an easy decision to buy this unit. And i’m very impressed with the performance, style, and use of this portable AC power bank.

The size is VERY manageable, it’s not a large form factor at all.  I would hardly consider it bulky or too large.  Let’s face it, batteries take up space.  So it’s actually a little smaller than I had anticipated.  There’s no documentation with this product so I first started by turning it on.  I realized you have to press and hold the power button for a couple seconds to get it to turn on.  Once you know that, there’s not much else you need to know — other than it works great!

It has traditional USB, USB-C and yes, an AC Wall Outlet!  It makes it absolutely perfect to charge all your devices — not just the USB ones.  I tried it out on a recent photo shoot where my digital camera batteries were running low so I plugged in the wall outlet charger.  It charged up the camera batteries efficiently and perfectly.  This AC portable power bank has a ton of uses ranging from power outages, on-the go travel AC power needs, camping, backyard power, and lots of more uses!!  You can bring it with you in your car to power non-USB devices (laptop when off does charge), DVD player, …) and even have it around for an emergency outage – power a lamp or a small fan!  The uses are varied and very convenient!!  It holds the charge for a long while and has enough power reserve to be really useful.

Long story short: This portable AC power bank is a very handy device to have.  It won’t power high resource devices, but it sure comes in handy for travel, car trips, backyard living and more!

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Organize Your USB Cables – Travel & Junk Drawer Organizer

I have literally have 20 cables in a junk drawer in my house. It’s so frustrating and overwhelming! Every time I open the drawer… I want to scream. Cords get tangled together and I can never find the cable I’m looking for. I bought this Jelly Comb Cable & Electronics Organizer in the hopes to de-clutter and get organized. And that’s exactly what this product has done for me!

First, the organizer has lots of compartments.. plenty for every type of cable and even small electronic gadgets like wall chargers, adapters, SD cards (there’s even a pouch for it!) as well as items like e-cigarette batteries even! Everything has a nice spot and makes things very easy to find. No more junk drawer cable mess!!!! Both sections have different sized pouches so you can decide what goes where. It closes up with two zippers and is very compact. It fits into the junk drawer very nicely! And for the price… you cannot beat it. Anxiety no more!! The electronics cable organizer is here to the rescue!!!!! How did I ever live without this!?!?!?


Rallt Double Camping Hammock

This Rallt Double Camping Hammock is perfect for on the go campers or even for your backyard. Use the nylon rope that it comes with to attach to trees or even sides of buildings/sheds. Personally, I used a hammock stand that I bought on Amazon for this purpose as I wanted something sturdy and semi-permanent in the back yard. I don’t have a lot of trees so this worked out perfectly.

It comes all folded up into its pouch which makes it perfect for travel camping. You can even put it in your vehicle for an impromptu chill session!!! Super lightweight yet durable. Made of breathable material so it’s not too hot when you’re in it for a long period of time. How compact it is!! It’s wonderful. There is also an inside pouch for your cell phone, keys, or anything else you may want to hold onto (things fall out of your pocket when laying down!!) It’s super stylish and it’s affordably priced.

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Lightweight Folding Portable Beach Lounge Chair w Footrest

I wanted a chair that was easy to pack up, take to the beach, take to my friends, store in the shed, pull it out, you know – the basic folding chair. But I also wanted something that was comfortable and different. I looked high and low for something like this.

So I ordered this and I’m a little bit bigger than average, but not by much. The weight limit said 200 pounds so I was a little skeptical but ordered it anyhow. It definitely wasn’t uncomfortable but I can see why other reviewers have said it’s for smaller people or children. Again, I wasn’t uncomfortable in any way. The footrest was a great addition to this. Seriously. Why haven’t more chairs come with them?!?!? I sat in it on and off all day poolside and got a great tan.

What was a little confusing was how the chair actually went into recline mode. Had to fiddle with it for a bit. There are straps that hold the chair together when it’s folded – and to that point it folds up nicely, comes with a pillow, and easy to repack!!! The cup holders are deep and very functional. In fact, I put my suntan lotion bottle in the cup holder and it prevented it from coming out – very deep pouch means no spilled drinks!

The construction looks to be well put together, and I can’t say enough about the footrest. Great job in making this Roraima. I’d definitely recommend it and buy another one!

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Great Car Trunk / SUV Compartment Travel Organizer!

I used to absolutely hate grocery shopping in the Escalade. Not because it’s not big, in fact it’s super huge. But… it has one design flaw. When I put bags of groceries in the back of it, THEY SHIFT AND MOVE AROUND like crazy! No joke, I’ve had so many items fall to the ground and explode or break because of this design flaw. I found this XL Trunk Organizer and I decided to give it a try.

I LOVE this SUV Compartment trunk organizer. It’s huge for starters. But not too big. It has plenty of compartments and you can change the configuration easily – taking out dividers or collapsing what you don’t want. I love the construction, it’s durable and well made. The handles are metal – nothing was cheaped out on this. I love the straps which make it easy to attach to the sides of my back compartment so it doesn’t move at all. I have put plenty of groceries and it’s even held delicate devices like cameras (dSLR’s even!) with sufficient cushion that I felt comfortable driving around with it in the back.

Everything about this car organizer is top notch. I highly recommend it!!

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Eyebrow Combo Kit – Tweezers, Scissors, Brush, Trimmer

Let’s face it. Details matter! It’s all about the grooming details. You could be the best looking woman (or guy!) and have ungroomed eyebrows – It’s no good. Having a convenient case with the whole kit in a travel form factor — it’s perfect. That’s where this Seeso Eyebrow Combo Kit comes in.

The Eyebrow Tools are of good quality – they have an excellent feel to them. They aren’t overly bulky but they do have enough weight to them that they don’t feel cheap in any way. The tweezers specifically have a good slant and shape – they do an excellent job of plucking your hairs. The straight razor is great for defining lines and essential to giving you the exact shape and contour you want.

All of this in a rich case that folds up and travels easily. It’s only $25 and includes FREE SHIPPING on Amazon.

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