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Spiral Vegetables for Pasta or just being Fancy!

Presentation counts, right? Of course.   You see a meal come out with fancy spiraled vegetables and instantly you go “ohhhhh! NICE!”  It’s a nice treat to have vegetables presented that way.  Or using zucchini instead of pasta.  If you’re gluten free, that’s a God send right there!!!

So, I had an opportunity to receive the Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer for free or heavily discounted in exchange for providing an honest and unbiased review.  Of course I can do that.  I have always wanted one of these anyhow!!

Let me say first off that it’s SO EASY.  Assembly took literally a minute, tops – and most of that time was spent unwrapping the pieces from the plastic wrap!  The instructions were very clear and the thing came together quick.  After it was together, the tough decision of what to spiral first was DIFFICULT!! So many choices!  I selected a cucumber and once I got the hang of it (about 10 seconds) the entire cucumber (long seedless one) took about a minute flat.    Maybe even 30 seconds.  It went super quick.  I should tell you that the blades are SHARP so be careful when putting them on and taking them off.  Ouch!  The cool thing about this spiralizer is that it cores the veggie too.  The center core of the cucumber with all the “mushy seedy type stuff” was left in a rod and it was so nice to not eat that!!!  This is a VERY AWESOME kitchen gadget tool that you will absolutely want to play with for yourself.  Think of all the fun stuff you can do with it!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

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